Hallmark's Countdown To Christmas Has Begun And The Schedule Is Out

Hallmark's Countdown To Christmas Has Begun And The Schedule Is Out

The movies will start from October 25 and will go on till December 26. The network has also released an app to help you keep track of each movie

While the winters may not be here yet and Christmas season may still be around 2 months away but it seems the Hallmark channel is already readying to set your mood for the season. You might have heard the announcements by now about the channel lining up a number of Christmas movies and now that moment is finally here. Hallmark just released its list and schedule of 40 Christmas movies that will begin as early as next month and will go on till the end of December, according to Good Housekeeping.


 Hallmark always has this ability to get us excited about the yuletide even when just half the year has passed. Announcements about what the channel has planned have been rolling out since the beginning of the year. With announcements about Christmas movie releases as early as March this year, no one can beat the channel in hyping up the season.  For people who eagerly await this hallowed season, Hallmark has been their one-stop-shop to feel merry and cheered even early in the year.  


But this is what the channel has been doing for 10 straight years and no one Is complaining if that Christmas feel comes early. The 10th anniversary of Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries will begin on October 25. But this is just the start and the warm-up to what is going to be reasons to consume those innumerable cups of hot cocoa as you watch back to back movies crafted especially for the season till and will go on till December 28. 


While last year, they released 38 movies, this year a total of 40 movies will be aired.  The first movie on October 25 marks the beginning of the "Miracles of Christmas" series that will have 16 all-new movies airing on Thursday and Friday nights from October 25 onwards. On Saturday and Sunday nights including the entire week of Thanksgiving you just need to tune into Hallmark Channel to catch up with the Hallmark regulars such as the Queens of Christmas.


You know the regulars and these include actors such as Lacey Chabert, Candace Cameron Bure and Jodie Sweetin, and Lacey Chabert. As people eagerly await for the movies and with more information about the star-studded movies you can engage in some trivia about the movies through an app that Hallmark has released reports Scary Mommy. That's right an app that gives you easy access to premiere dates and times of every single movie, including trailers, story gist and the details about the cast. 


One can also set an alert to remind you of the movie and the timings of the same so that you do not miss one bit of any of the previous 40 movies. In case you are too eager and cannot wait, there are always the past Christmas movies that you can watch as a part of Hallmark's "Countdown to Christmas" or stream them at your own convenience with Hallmark Movies Now channel.

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