Grey's Anatomy Stars Ellen Pompeo and T.R. Knight Take A Knee During The Protests In L.A.

Grey's Anatomy Stars Ellen Pompeo and T.R. Knight Take A Knee During The Protests In L.A.

She said that she had a good day "letting people know that they matter."

Image Source: Instagram/Ellen Pompeo

Trigger Warning: This story may contain instances of police brutality that readers may find disturbing. 

Many celebrities have demonstrated their support for Floyd by participating in the nationwide protests. The latest ones to join are Ellen Pompeo and T R Knight of Grey's Anatomy fame. According to PEOPLE, the actors were amidst several others who had gathered for a peaceful protest in West Hollywood. Pompeo, 50, and Knight, 47, took a knee along with the other protestors as they called for justice and accountability, especially after last week's display of police brutality that claimed the life of George Floyd. 


Pompeo had both her hands in the air in the 'don't shoot' position as she took a knee and Knight held a sign up that read 'BLACK LIVES MATTER.' Both of them donned masks while they took part in the protest. Before leaving the demonstration, Pompeo went live on Instagram to talk about her experience at the protests. "Some of my friends who I'm with, we made an observation," she said in the clip, re-shared on Twitter. The actress went on to talk about how she'd attended a few protests in the past,  like the Women's Marches and climate change marches.


She then added that none of those protests had police wielding the kind of ammunition that was present for the Black Lives Matter assemblies. "I've been to other protests, I've never seen police with machine guns, I've never seen the National Guard with machine guns," she said. "We're at a march for black lives and we're here to talk about the fact that they matter, and there's machine guns and big ones and aggression. The cops weren't so aggressive, but their stance was aggressive. They're on rooftops, they're in cars, they're in tanks, and I haven't ever seen that show of force." "I'm just wondering why that is?" she questioned.


Signing off on the video message to fans, the star said: "I hope you all had a good day; I certainly did, letting people know that they matter. Love you all." Grey's Anatomy's home network, ABC, also issued a statement of support amid the ongoing protests. They shared that at the company, "We believe in liberty and justice for all. We stand with our black colleagues, creators, performers, storytellers, viewers and every ally of the black community against systemic racism, racial injustice, senseless violence and oppression. Your voice matters. Black lives matter." John Boyega, Halsey, Ben Affleck are just some of the other names on the growing list of celebrities extending their support to the protests. 


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