Grandmother Goes On Epic Rant About Millennials Using Their Parents As Their Babysitters

Grandmother Goes On Epic Rant About Millennials Using Their Parents As Their Babysitters

It's a win-win situation for the parents as it's free, but grandparents have already done their part in raising their own kids. So, it simply isn't fair.

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Today's ridiculously high cost of living and divorce rates has resulted in a sharp rise in working parents across the country. Having children during a time like this is quite difficult for single parents who juggle work and their life. While most parents opt for daycare or hire nannies to care for their kids when they are not home, an increasing number of millennials have been turning to their parents to babysit their grandkids. Although it's a win-win situation for the parents since the service is for free, the same cannot be said for the grandparents. One grandmother from Dallas did not hesitate to point this out when her daughter Quayla Ann asked her to babysit her grandkids. 




In a recently posted YouTube video, Ann's mom clearly lays down all the points why she was not going to be her on-call babysitter. The 4-minute rant that was posted on December 30, 2019, begins when someone in the background asks the woman "what are grandparents supposed to do?" After that, there was no stopping the grandmother who started her epic rant saying, "Let me tell you, the new generation, y'all millennial, you got it all [expletive] up." Speaking to her daughter, who was filming the whole thing, the woman continued, "Because I became a grandparent does not automatically make me the babysitter or a day care."




"Grandparents -- true grandparents -- they're supposed to raise their children right to where y'all start having kids, you can ... provide for your own children and secure their day care so you can go to work, so you can go out, so you can do anything else," she said, according to Daily Mail. "True grandparents are supposed to be able to call their grandkids. Y'all supposed to come over and visit."  When asked if grandparents should take up the responsibility of looking after their grandkids over the summer while their mothers are at work, the woman said that summertime was "for the daddies, when the daddies aren't at home. That's where they go for the daddies. They go with their daddies for the summer as y'all got split custody. See that's how y'all got it f***** up," she said.




The grandmom then explained the true role of grandparents and not the one concocted by parents to exploit them. "Grandparents are supposed to be able to come to your house and stay with you and visit with their grandkids," she continued. "You are supposed to drop your kids off when the grandparents call for them and in their leisure time. Grandparents are not supposed to be daycares." She continued, "Everybody's time is valuable. We have our own life. We worked very hard to get everybody out of the house. Why would we want to raise your kids and keep your kids?" A very valid point, indeed.




"No it ain't supposed to be dropping them off when you want to ... No! ... It don't go like that. You know why? Because we already had our life with raising kids," she added. "We aren't supposed to be tied down raising (expletive) kids. We are supposed to be gardening, going to the senior citizens place, bingo, and all that other f****** s***. What do you think we raised y'all for, to take care of y'all kids," she continued. The granny even went on to suggest that if her grandkids end up in "the system", it would be her daughter's failure to look after her child and not her responsibility in any way. 




"You see what it is, y'all think we should do that as you got a sense of entitlement. You all think just because I'm the grandma that you're supposed to push your kids off on me. But that's not how it goes. But it takes strong mothers like me to let you know, that s*** don't go like that. Other than that, I'll be sitting here rocking all your godd*** kids while you all do this and do that. No. Trust and believe they will be in the system, they will be at the shelter," she added. "They'll be wherever they need to be because you didn't do what the f*** you were supposed to do as a parent. It has nothing to do with me."



When her shocked daughter asks her, "You wouldn't?" the grandmother immediately responds saying, "I most definitely f****** would. I'm not raising nobody else's kids, I'm here to support." Her honest opinion about this topic struck a chord with many people as the video was viewed over 1.4 million times. One user wrote: I would never sit there filming my mom and laughing while she is desperately trying to preach facts! Another shared: I absolutely agree with this grandma. She did her job already. She raised her own kids. She doesn't have to raise grandchildren.


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