Grandma Tears Up Telling Grandson Just How Much She Loves Him: "I Could Not Love You More"

Grandma Tears Up Telling Grandson Just How Much She Loves Him: "I Could Not Love You More"

Grandma Bobbe says it's tears of happiness and thanks her grandson for letting her be a part of his life.

Image Source: Instagram/stewiez71

You can always rely on your grandparents to spoil you with love and lots of sugary goodies. Of course, there are a plethora of other reasons why we adore them but the fact that they shower us with an immense amount of love is what matters the most. People who continue to have those strong bonds with them right through adulthood are indeed lucky, and so is one Florida man who enjoys a special relationship with his 87-year-old grandmother. The two have been creating adorable videos on TikTok and Instagram and the internet has fallen head over heels in love with the pair. But there's one particular video that has us all crying tears of happiness.


Matthew Stewart and his Grandma Bobbe (a.k.a. GB) have amassed millions of followers on TikTok after he began posting videos of their time together according to the Daily Mail. In one of these videos, GB could be seen cuddling up to her grandson who asks her, "You know I love you, right?" and her response is the sweetest thing you will ever come across on the internet. "I love you too, you don’t know how much. Look, I could not love you any more… Matt, you’re like my own son!" she says before breaking down. She struggles to express just how much Stewart means to him and it's sure to make you tear up. 



When Stewart notices her tears, he immediately asks her, "Why are you crying?" and GB says, "I’m crying because I love you so much and I’m so happy being around you and being with you…" Witnessing the emotional response her grandson responds by saying, "You’re going to make me cry," and GB explains, "It’s just tears of happiness of being with you and around you, and letting me be part of your life." The clip concludes with the two saying "I love you" to each other and GB planting a sweet kiss on her beloved grandson's cheek. The emotional video touched many people on Instagram and even made a few of them shed tears. 



User corilynallred wrote: What I wouldn't give to hold my grandma's hand and tell her I love her one more time. So amazing to see others who love their grammies as much and I did mine♡ Another martintheresa79 added: This is beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. I would hope my grandchildren feel this way about me also when they grow up and I grow older. What a wonderful and refreshing relationship these two have. User laura.ambrose77 noted: You two literally are such a blessing to us all! Your grandma is so precious and you, sir, are absolutely amazing. Such gifts you give by sharing this with us. Thank you 💜



GB is truly adorable but she also has a really hilarious and sassy side to her. Earlier this year, the two went viral when the no-nonsense grandmother insisted on giving Stewart some gas money as he continued to refuse it. "Shut up," she said, "I don't give a s*** what you want, that is for the gas money for hauling me around." Stewart, who is not surprised by this kind of talk from his GB, just laughs and continues to refuse the money. Instead, he suggests getting some food and going back to his house for a meal. While GB wasn't the one to be easily dissuaded, she told her grandson that she would love to have lunch with him and continued arguing about the money. Speaking to Now This, Stewart expressed just how much he loves his grandmother. "I just love the fact that she is who she is. You're not gonna change her. She speaks what's on her mind. She can be herself around me and I can be myself around her," he said. 


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