Grandma Invited Wrong Teen For Thanksgiving In 2016, Now Celebrates It With Him Every Year

Grandma Invited Wrong Teen For Thanksgiving In 2016, Now Celebrates It With Him Every Year

The pair is all set to celebrate their fourth Thanksgiving together this year. One wrong message in 2016 led to the start of a wonderful tradition.

The universe has its ways of bringing together people who are meant to be with each other. For Wanda Dench and Jamal Hinton, it was a wrong text message that did the trick. It happened four years ago when Wanda sent out a message to Jamal, asking him to come over for Thanksgiving dinner. Wanda assumed she was texting her grandson. Hinton was a high-school senior at the time, and not her grandson, He responded to Wanda's message by asking her to send a photo of her so he could confirm if the message was from his grandma, according to Good Morning America.

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To Jamal's surprise, he received a picture of a woman with blonde hair who certainly wasn't his grandmother. He responded saying, "[You're] not my grandma," complete with a laughing emoji. Hinton of Phoenix, Arizona, immediately sent back a photo of himself to let Wanda know he was not her grandson. Nevertheless, he took his shot and asked her if he could still join her for the Thanksgiving dinner he'd been invited to. 

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Dench replied, "Of course you can. That's what grandmas do ... feed everyone." That was the start of a beautiful friendship and since then, the two of them have been celebrating the holiday together. Each year, Hinton takes to social media to share pictures of him with Wanda. This Thanksgiving Hinton and Dench will break bread at Hinton's girlfriend Mikaela's Aunt Tauna's house. Now, isn't this adorable?

A picture of them from their first Thanksgiving together: Twitter

Hinton, who now holds a steady job says he's thankful that they have kept this tradition alive for four years and wants it to stay the same. "[Wanda] is a really good person," Hinton told "Good Morning America" Tuesday. "I really enjoy the time I spend with her." In 2018, Hinton posted a video on YouTube, documenting his and Dench's holiday dinner. In the video, Dench says that she grew up in the military. Her father was in the Navy and her husband was in the Army.

The two of them celebrating Thanksgiving last year: Twitter

No wonder she's so welcoming and does not treat strangers as strangers, instead, she treats them like family. "We moved around a lot so I was always going to new places. And so strangers were not strangers to me," she said. "Family is more than blood," Dench added. "It's the people you want to be with." There aren't a lot of people who do this since they're always so skeptical about people and their intentions. Sometimes, these strangers turn into family, just like Hinton and Dench. 


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