"Good Natured Bear" Tranquilized And Killed For Being Too Comfortable Around Humans

"Good Natured Bear" Tranquilized And Killed For Being Too Comfortable Around Humans

Residents who wanted to photograph the bear lured it into the residential area by leaving out food.

Representative Image Source: Getty Images/Chase Dekker Wild-Life Images

A wild black bear was reportedly killed in Canada because it became too accustomed to human beings, reports PEOPLE. Last week, the North Shore Black Bear Society took to Facebook to share the heartbreaking news. The bear, lovingly named Huckleberry, was tranquilized and put down by local conservation officers for being too comfortable around humans. Luci and Danielle from the NSBBS wrote that they'd encountered Huckleberry on several occasions after their journey began on July 2. Apparently, residents who wanted to capture the bear on camera had lured it into the residential area by leaving out food.


Huckleberry, our journey together began on July 2. You were eating scraps from an organics cart - the enclosure had been left open. Even though you were eating, you were very easy to move on. We walked you back to the forest and hoped to see you again on the trails. The next time we met, you were at the roadside eating berries. As we walked you back to the forest, you stood and sniffed a garbage can. We used a firm tone and told you to leave - you listened. As you walked away, you left a bright pink scat full of huckleberries! We were so proud of you for eating natural foods, despite all the tempting treats residents had left available to you. From that moment, we named you Huckleberry!


They shared that they met Huckleberry several times since their initial meeting, and he never harmed them because he remembered them. Residents told us you passed through their property, but you were easily moved on. You were such an easy-going, calm bear. The perfect Deep Cove resident. Reports started coming in of you finding easy rewards from garbage and organics carts. People admitted they allowed you to do that for a video and they neglected to move you on...a death sentence. If only people had used a firm voice with you, you would have listened. Or respected you enough to not have any garbage or food scraps accessible in the first place. We did you a disservice, Huckleberry.


On July 31st the bear was spotted eating berries at the edge of the forest. We headed out to make sure you were not being crowded or chased by dogs. By the time we reached you, you were being followed by residents who wanted a video of you eating organics from an unlocked cart. Due to the crowd of people, it wasn’t safe for us to move you on. When you finished eating, you calmly walked by and left our gaze.  Sadly, that was the last time they saw the gentle giant named Huckleberry. Later that day you were tranquilized by the Conservation Officers and taken away to be killed.


You were willing to coexist, but people were not. You showed us every time we met that you were a good-natured bear, we are deeply sorry that we couldn’t save you. We’ll always have a place in our hearts for you, sweet boy, shared Luci and Danielle. The conservation officers confirmed that Huckleberry had been killed. In the comments, the society mentioned that they believe the bear was only around two-and-a-half-years-old. The poor thing definitely didn't deserve to die so soon. Please, do not feed wild animals, because what you think is an act of kindness might result in them losing their lives. 


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