Piers Morgan Slams 'Creepy' David Beckham For Kissing His Daughter On The Lips

Piers Morgan Slams 'Creepy' David Beckham For Kissing His Daughter On The Lips

Good Morning Britain's host Piers Morgan slated David Beckham for planting a kiss on his daughter's lips and has now sparked a major parenting debate.

On Tuesday, Good Morning Britain presenter, Piers Morgan sparked a parental debate amongst the netizens after calling David Beckham "creepy" for kissing his daughter on the lips, reports Mirror. This came right after Victoria Beckham decided to share a cute video on her Instagram account on Monday marking their recent family holiday trip to Florida. The former England captain was seen planting a kiss on his seven-year-old daughter, Harper Beckham during their boat trip.



The daytime television host once again decided to slate Beckham's public display of emotions for his daughter and deemed it inappropriate and weird but Susanna Reid sided with the football star and revealed how she herself kisses her children on the lips.

Ranting about the whole thing, Morgan moaned saying, "So he's posted this picture, yeah it’s very sweet." After making the unenthusiastic comment, he quickly followed it up with a question.


"It’s very sweet but why would a father kiss his daughter on the lips?" Morgan asked. "Don’t get it – creepy. Weird. Then you post that for the world – You posted that for the world, why?" he continued.

To this Reid responded saying, "Aww, they love each other. Well, the interesting thing is he came in for a lot of criticism when he posted a video like that a couple of years ago and he's obviously just doubled down and thought, 'well that's what I do'."



But that didn't even make him budge and the host said, "Weird, Weird, weird, it's just weird." Reid too seemed to be firm about her opinion, "It's what I do." The 54-year-old host further suggested that Beckham could show his affection towards his children (sons) Brooklyn, Cruz, and Romeo with a "firm handshake" while a soft peck on the cheeks for his daughter Harper. This is definitely not the first we've heard Morgan call out Beckham for kissing his daughter. 


Previously, the 44-year-old attracted a lot more than Morgan's attention when he posted a picture of him planting a kiss on his daughter's lips at an ice skating event last year.

The picture was captioned: Christmas is coming Let’s go skate. Morgan began this debate over this photo the very next day and said, "When kids are seven you don’t kiss them on the lips." He further went ahead and called the footballer out for sharing an indignant picture to grab everyone's attention. In addition to that, he claimed how the father-of-four did this to make his kids famous. "They want their kids to be famous and then they complain about their privacy," he said.


Morgan did have a strong set of emotions against the player but the viewers seemed to be divided in their opinion. A Twitter user @steakpapa wrote: sorry but david beckham is trash for making out with his daughter and posting it online, she is 7 years old and can’t understand the implications of her father kissing her on the lips... does that mean she had her first kiss with her dad? 

@wadegunter supported this view and expressed: To be honest, I think it's just WEIRD to kiss your kid on lips!!! I mean, I'm liberal and open, but that just doesn't seem natural!!!! I have 3 boys, and I've NEVER thought about kissing them on the lips, much less if I had a girl!!!! It just.

But @CaspersFunhouse highlighted another issue: Guys aren’t off limit either. He said Craig Daniel had been emasculated. Thought David Beckham was unnatural for kissing his daughter on the lips. Such a prude. He thinks dad should shake their sons hands and kiss the daughter on the cheek. Women cope the worst of it.



There were others who refused to accept Beckham's actions were anything but good. @fuzzybubba1956 wrote: As usual, Piers Morgan proves why his opinion is meaningless. Leave David Beckham and his daughter alone. It's not like he French kissed her. Puh-leeze!


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