"Good Husband" Turns Into A Human Chair After Pregnant Wife Had Nowhere To Sit

"Good Husband" Turns Into A Human Chair After Pregnant Wife Had Nowhere To Sit

While waiting for a doctor's appointment, an adorable man offered to be a seat for his pregnant wife after her legs start cramping.

One loving husband has garnered the attention of thousands after he selflessly helped his pregnant wife rest her legs. In a video shared by the Hegang police, a couple from China was seen entering the corridor of a hospital and patiently waiting for their turn. Since the area was crowded and all the available seats were occupied, the pair had no other option but to stand. Soon, the long wait got to the woman, who  started experiencing numbness in her legs from standing for so long. 


Unfortunately, none of the seats were vacant for her to rest even for a little while. After witnessing his wife's distress, the man simply couldn't bear to let her suffer. Using his creativity, he devised an ingenious if not unorthodox plan. The man knelt on the ground and positioned himself like a chair to provide support for his wife. The woman was then seen grasping a handrail on the wall before lowering herself down onto his back.


His sweet gesture didn't end there. Sitting in this peculiar position, the husband offered the wife a drink, which she gratefully accepted before handing it back to him. As the whole thing went down, no one around them seemed to notice this. People walked past them without so much as turning their heads. As for the ones who were seated opposite them, they had their eyes glued to their phones. It's not exactly known how long the husband had to remain in his makeshift chair position. According to a report by WHDH, police officers called the man a "good husband" and we completely agree. 


People on social media couldn't stop appreciating his kind response to this problem. Twitter user King A wrote: Awwww sweetest man ever he's definitely going to be a great father.  Another Ashley Gibson shared: I hear everyone saying I need a man like that.. I need a person like that, that's love, that's support, that's respect. I'm not sure anyone could have me sit on their back but a shoulder or 2 to lean on would be appreciated thanks universe. Furthermore, Alisha Dixon confessed: My fiancé cooks, cleans rubs my feet and legs nightly, gases the car, grocery shops. But this....never would happen. Kamiel "we need this" Choi jokingly added: So in the future, HOSPITALS CAN SAVE ON CHAIRS!!! THIS IS HOW IT WORKS.


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