1 Yr-Old Golden Retriever Walks 63 Miles For 14 Days To Owners Who Left Her At Friend's Home

1 Yr-Old Golden Retriever Walks 63 Miles For 14 Days To Owners Who Left Her At Friend's Home

Ping An had reportedly become thin and had sustained some injuries during this solo journey that also left her paws bleeding.

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An adorable pooch set out on a tireless quest to find her home after the owners left the pet with a friend to look after her temporarily. The one-year-old golden retriever named Ping An walked over 64 miles all by itself for 14 days in search of her home. She had reportedly become thin and had sustained some injuries during this journey that also left her paws bleeding. She was finally rescued when the limping canine arrived outside an office building in Qidong city. A group of concerned workers then tracked down her owners and returned her to them, according to a state-owned newspaper. Apparently, Ping An looked "quite depressed after she was unable to find her owner," said the rescuers.


The incident happened after Ping An's owners living in eastern China's Qidong city dropped her off at a friend's place to be looked after as there were some renovations happening at their home, reports Jianghai Evening News. The concerned dog parents knew they would be busy with all the improvements and so they drove two hours to their friend's house in Nantong which was over 100 kilometers (62 miles) away. However, after staying there for nearly 4 months, the family received the devastating news that their beloved Ping An had run away from their friend's house and was nowhere to be found. 


At the time, the family was unaware of their loyal canine's plans to get back to her family all by herself. Finally, when the office workers found her, they clicked pictures of Ping An, who appeared to be dejected and undernourished, and shared them on the Chinese messenger WeChat. Within days, her family came across the social post and immediately realized that it was their lost pet. They rushed to pick up Ping An from the company's site. In an emotional video, the family can be seen hugging and lovingly stroking the pooch after finally being reunited after four months.


"Ping An, you've worked hard. You just stay home from now on. [We] would never send you away," they were heard saying in the video, according to Daily Mail. Following a visit to the vet for her injuries, her family said that Ping An was recovering. Since then they have vowed to remain by her side all her life. Previously we reported that a dog managed to make his way back home after his owner accidentally left home at a motor service station. The 7-year-old pooch named Dou Dou walked 37 miles just to reunite with its family.


The owner of the dog Mr. Qiu was traveling with family and their pet from Hangzhou to visit relatives in the countryside when the incident occurred. On the way, they halted at the Tong Lu Service Station to take care of their child, believing that Dou Dou was in the car. Thus they never checked the station or called for him as they drove off. But when they arrived home several hours later, the dog was nowhere to be found. The family realized that Dou Dou had been left behind and went back to the station the very next day in the hopes of getting him back home. But the pooch had already left the area.


As time went by, the family lost hope of ever finding their pet but they remained optimistic and hoped that some kind stranger would have taken their dog in. "[We] hoped it would survive and find a good-hearted person who would adopt it," said Mr. Qiu while speaking to Qianjiang Evening News, reports Mirror. Then one day, a "dirty, gaunt stray dog" arrived at their doorstep. n taking a closer look they were shocked to see that it was their Dou Dou and it had made its way back to the family. Describing how the pet was almost unrecognizable, Mr. Qiu continued, "Apart from being skinnier than before, [Dou Dou] was still the same self." He added that their beloved dog still had a gleam in his eye just like before. "Its eyes are radiating with lights. Luckily it didn't have any injuries," he said. "Even though Dou Dou was tired and walking wobbly on the first day [after returning home], it has become a lot more energetic recently."

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