Woman Starts A Fundraiser To Help Harry And Meghan Pay For Their $14.7 Mn Home, But Fails Badly

Woman Starts A Fundraiser To Help Harry And Meghan Pay For Their $14.7 Mn Home, But Fails Badly

She only managed to raise $110 after she watched the highly-watched interview

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During the explosive interview on Sunday, March 7, Meghan Markle made troubling revelations about her time as a member of the British royal family. Even though her marriage to Prince Harry was straight out of a fairytale, she stated that life in the royal household was "unsurvivable" and that at one point she even contemplated suicide, according to The New York Times. The pair then decided to step back from their roles of Duke and Duchess of Sussex and live independently. Understandably, some people sympathized with them for what the couple, especially Markle, had to go through. But there was one person who seemed to be very concerned about Prince Harry and Meghan's state of "financial independence."


Her husband Harry told Winfrey that his "family literally cut me off financially. I’ve got what my mum left me, and without that, we would not have been able to do this. I think she saw it coming." Per The Times, Harry inherited a total of around £23 million from what his mother left behind for him and Prince William. The pair also told Winfrey of their lucrative new deals with Spotify and Netflix, referring to them as "streamers." According to the Independent, these deals are reportedly worth  £18 million and £71 million.


Of course, with so much going for them, money is probably not the topmost concern of the public when they think about the couple. But a Ventura resident named Anastasia Hanson was so worried about their financial stability of the couple that she set up a now-deleted fundraiser page with a target of $10 million. "After their interview, I was moved with compassion to help get their home paid off.  As they are now financially independent, this will help and be a loving gift," wrote the California resident of her aim to help the pair pay off their mortgage. Her comments were visible on WayBack Machine, the internet archive, which said, "Were two million supporters to donate just $5 each, the Goal is met and the loan can be paid off."


It continued: This is a legal legitimate fundraiser. I can be contacted with a message on this site. The home sold for $14,650,000 U.S. dollars - (British Pounds £10,550,783.50). The lender is City National Bank and the down payment was over $5 million U.S. dollars - (British Pounds £3,601,425.00) The donations will go directly to the City National Bank account once the goal is met and pay off the home mortgage. If You feel it in your heart to help and support with a donation, then please do so. We all can use some form of help in the world, and it begins with love and compassion.

But that fell flat as the fundraiser managed to raise only a paltry sum of $110, after which the page was deleted.

Hanson told The Sun about her intentions of helping the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to get through their "very rough time," with her philanthropic efforts. "I like to help people and help them in any way I can," she told the outlet. "That gives me happiness. If you needed a home, I’d do the same for you. It’s a good deed." When asked if Hanson knew about the multi-million dollar deals the pair had with Netflix and Spotify, she confirmed saying, "I am aware of them." 

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