Girlfriend Who Thought Her Man Was Cheating On Her Slices Off His Penis, And Flushes It Away

Girlfriend Who Thought Her Man Was Cheating On Her Slices Off His Penis, And Flushes It Away

The man is no longer in danger, but since sufficient damage has been inflicted, he is unlikely to have sex anymore

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Trigger warning: This story contains details of genital mutilation that may be disturbing to readers. 

As the adage goes: "Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned," and a man found this out in the most gruesome and painful way.  Recently, a woman who assumed her boyfriend was cheating on her and accused him of doing so, allegedly sliced off his penis in an act of jealousy and anger by using kitchen scissors, so he would never have sex again.  

According to Daily Mail, the incident took place in Taiwan. The 52-year-old victim, identified only by his last name Huang, said that he woke up to excruciating pain, only to find that the tip of his penis had been cut off by his girlfriend. The father-of-three awoke to find he was "bleeding extensively" as 20 percent of his penis had been cut off, according to local media, Taipei Times



Huang, who has been married thrice, has three daughters. The woman, originally from Vietnam, obtained Taiwanese citizenship by marrying a local man and later divorcing him. Reports suggest that the man had a lot of female friends he was extremely close to, which caused the woman to take such a drastic step. The man had fallen asleep after he consumed a bowl of chicken noodles soaked in wine at his home in Changhua County's Xihu Township in Taiwan. His girlfriend, identified as Phung, 40, then reportedly cut off his sex organ with just a pair of kitchen scissors and flushed the tip of the organ down the drain so medics wouldn't be able to retrieve it, and subsequently reattach it.



She soon turned herself in at the cop station while first responders and police attended to her boyfriend. He was rushed to a nearby hospital where doctors told him that he would have to undergo surgery to stop the incessant bleeding. A large pair of scissors with blood stains was discovered right outside the house. A fire brigade official said that the injured man "could still walk on his own although he was bleeding extensively." At the hospital, he was informed that his penis was chopped by 1.5 centimeters, but his scrotum and testicles were still intact. 



Hospital deputy director Chou Chih-Chung released a statement. He said, "Examination showed Huang's 'manhood' was sliced off and still bleeding, so doctors had to perform emergency surgery to stop the bleeding and repair the urethra for urine release. His scrotum and testicles are still intact." Huang "is not in any deadly danger. He was still in pain after recovering from anesthetics, but can drink water and eat normally," Chou added. "The main length of the patient's 'manhood' could not be found and could not be reattached. The remaining part is insufficient to engage in sexual intercourse, therefore the best way is to implant an artificial penis," Chou said, adding that the man would "need further reconstructive surgery and also psychological counseling."


Now, the police are investigating if the injured man's girlfriend had spiked his food. The couple recently moved in together —around 10 months ago. Neighbors of the couple claim that the two of them can be heard fighting incessantly and that the woman has accused her boyfriend of cheating on him on previous occasions, too. Currently, he is being given advice on having an artificial implant and reconstructive surgery. 


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