The Coolest Kid Ever? Girl Trains Her Bird To Attack People On Command And It's A Must Watch

The Coolest Kid Ever? Girl Trains Her Bird To Attack People On Command And It's A Must Watch

The girl looks like a real-life mini supervillain. The bird flies on command in the direction the girl points. The video went viral and people can't stop laughing about it.

When kids reach that age when they finally start talking properly, they can get really annoying. However, no matter how annoying they are, kids can also come up with or do some of the coolest things we have ever seen. It has everything to do with their imagination that hasn't been ruined as of yet. Most times they pick a few habits or ideas from cartoons or shows that they watch on TV or games that they play online and mix them up with their own cool ideas to form something uber-cool. Well, you probably expect them to do something like that because they spend most of their time during the day doing absolutely random things. These things are generally hilarious to the adults and it is almost impossible not to share them. For example, when a kid you know tries to be like Daenerys Targaryen by training her pet bird to attack when she gives the command.

The adorable little girl trained her pet parrot to fly towards anybody he screams at. It can be slightly terrifying when the bird flies at you claws first. mIn the video, the girl turns towards a woman and tells her that she is feeling sad before screaming at her. This is when the bird takes off and attacks the woman and the camera. At the start of the video the parrot is sitting in the head of the bed the girl is standing on and looking at the woman who is filming. The video is believed to be filmed in America. The video dramatically cuts off as the woman screams. The video was shared by the girl's uncle who goes by the name Lord Flocko on Twitter


This is how people on social media reacted to the little girl's "Mother of Dragons" like skills.
















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