13-Year-Old Girl Raped And Killed At Home After Mom Stepped Out To Buy Food Amid Lockdown

13-Year-Old Girl Raped And Killed At Home After Mom Stepped Out To Buy Food Amid Lockdown

Ana Paolo was found dead inside a bedroom in her home situated in the northwestern city of Nogales, Mexico.

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Trigger warning: This story contains graphic descriptions of rape and murder of a minor. 

A teenage girl was brutally raped and murdered in her own home after her mother left to purchase essentials amid the Coronavirus lockdown. 13-year-old Ana Paolo's body was discovered inside a bedroom in her home situated in the northwestern city of Nogales, Mexico. Like the rest of the world, Mexico is currently in a state of lockdown with every business closed except grocers and pharmacists, and the girl's mother had stepped out for a short while to buy groceries. Unfortunately, the attack took place during this short window of the mother's absence, according to reports by local media.


The Sun reported that when the mother was out, someone broke into the house, molested, and killed the girl. Whoever was responsible for this heinous act did not steal anything from the house. Paolo's mother, whose remains unnamed, first became concerned when her former partner called her up while she was still out. Despite trying several times, he was unable to contact Paolo and he shared the concern with her. "The father of the underage person contacted the mother over the phone where he revealed the 13-year-old girl had gone missing," said a police spokesman. The worried mother immediately made her way towards her home only to find a number of police officers outside her property. 

"She arrived at her home which was already secured by officers of the Municipal Police," they added. Speaking of the victim, the police spokesman continued, "The victim was found in one of the bedrooms and signs of violence to her face, apparently from blows." An investigation was launched following Paolo's terrifying demise, however, no arrests have been made yet. Taking to social media, the victim's heartbroken mother expressed her grief over the passing of her precious daughter and shared a warm tribute celebrating her short life. 



"There are no words to explain my feelings. I just want to be thankful that my girl lived and shined on Earth for 13 years and from today, will shine in the sky dancing for eternity," wrote the mother, according to The Sun. A devastated family member also expressed, "Someone broke into my cousin’s house in Nogales. They raped and killed my niece, who was 13 years old." According to the Mirror, they added, "Any thoughts of solidarity, citizenship, and economy are pointless. Today, Mexico, the government and the world, do not count on me anymore." The shocking molestation and killing of the underage girl during a time of health crisis sparked outrage, with many people on social media calling for justice and strict action against the culprit. 



The hashtag #JusticiaParaAnaPaola which translated to #JusticeForAnaPaola has been trending on various social media platforms, with photographs showing the painted slogan on banners fastened to public buildings. Another banner read, "Not one more." Many who took to Twitter mourned the loss of Paolo and expressed their rage for the unspeakable actions committed by the culprit. User Guillermo Shears wrote: I really wish with all my heart that any human being capable of even thinking of committing an act like this is infected and struck down by some virus and becomes extinct from this world. They shouldn't be alive.



There is no greater pain than to lose a child. No matter the political belief in these polarized times, the demand has to be strong for those who promised to take care of us and have totally failed. Stop, expressed another Jorge Arrega. User kikee shared a heartbreaking story of their own: A similar thing happened in my family with my younger sister many years ago. She passed away later. It is a rage that I still feel when I hear that a woman is murdered or assaulted. I do not tolerate it and more if it is a girl or boy, God comfort this family and bless everyone.

Disclaimer : This is based on sources and we have been unable to verify this information independently.

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