Girl Of 11 Starved To Death By Religious Parents Who Wanted To 'Purify' Her

Girl Of 11 Starved To Death By Religious Parents Who Wanted To 'Purify' Her

Perolla Pires who passed away last month penned down heartbreaking details of her parents' brutal fasting regime in her diary. Her mother and stepfather were charged with causing her death.

Last month, Perolla Pires, 11 tragically passed away in Ubatuba, Brazil after being subjected to her parents' brutal fasting regime for a prolonged time frame. She penned down the heartbreaking details of torture in her personal diary. According to Daily Mail, the deceased was allegedly forced by her religious fanatic parents to go without water and food for days at times. Now, authorities have charged her mother Aline, 26, and stepfather, Enri, 47, for causing her death. Police superintendent Ricardo Mamede believes that the child had undergone, "long-term torture."


Instances of Perolla's distressing condition were narrated by the girl herself in 300 handwritten pages of her diary. She describes how her parents commanded her to pray in silence for hours at a time. Despite her malnourished condition, the ruthless couple compelled her to perform strenuous exercises as a form of punishment. Explaining the reason behind such cruel instructions, Mamede said, "The step-father has strong religious convictions and believed that the children needed to be saved, needed to become more God-fearing and should purify themselves. He claimed this could only happen through fasting." 

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Revealing the conditions that drove the girl to death, the authorities explained how the child was allegedly locked up in her room and made to perform a strict routine, as a punishment for her supposed "bad manners" and "lying." When she collapsed following the punishment, her family rushed her to the hospital on October 24, five months after she stopped going to school. After taking a look at the pale and lifeless girl, the emergency doctors pronounced her dead and immediately alerted the police. An autopsy determined the cause of death as protein-calorie malnutrition (PCM), which happens due to severe and prolonged starvation. 

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Initially, the parents denied any hand in their daughter's death and instead blamed the doctors for it. "Enri claimed his step-daughter died from anemia and did not blame himself for had happened. He even claims to this day that he would do it again," said Mamede. However, after searching the house, the authorities found Perolla's diary hidden away in her barely furnished bedroom. According to reports, there was only a rubber mat kept on the floor for a bed in the room, where she has been allegedly imprisoned since June 2019. 


When questioned about the diary, the girl's mother apparently broke down after learning that her daughter had dedicated it to her. Following this confrontation, Aline confessed to "torturing" Perolla, and commanding her to drink water whenever she begged for food. Regretting her actions, the mother expressed how "sorry" she was about Perolla's death. "We believe Perolla suffered long-term torture and died after two days of being starved and being forced to exercise and pray. But there are indications that she was malnourished for months," police officers said. "In the diary, she wrote about frequently doing abdominals and a variety of flexions on an empty stomach."


They further added, "In the last fast she kept asking for something to eat. When she complained of hunger she was told to drink water. She said she had drank water but was accused of lying and punished for it." While searching the apartment, authorities found another diary seemingly written by the couple, where they detailed how they would justify their actions to the authorities. "It appears, from this account, that Aline and Enri intended to lie and to claim their daughter had anemia. The planned to blame her death on negligence by doctors," revealed the lead investigator in the case. 


Relatives of the family reportedly said they were unaware of the tragic ordeal Perolla was subjected to as the parents had denied them any access to their children. Perolla's eight-year-old brother, who was also disciplined has been placed in social services care and will be reportedly adopted by family members. The ruthless parents have been taken into custody and charged with physical abuse, torture, unlawful imprisonment and intellectual abandonment. A funeral service was arranged for Perolla last Sunday which saw hundreds of residents coming together to pay their respects.

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