Terrified 9-Year-Old Shot Dead Minutes Before She Posted Warning On TikTok: 'I'm Scared'

Terrified 9-Year-Old Shot Dead Minutes Before She Posted Warning On TikTok: 'I'm Scared'

Felicia Kononchuk died in the arms of her father saying, "Dad, I’ve been killed!"

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Trigger warning: The story contains details of murder that readers may find disturbing

Just minutes before being killed, a 9-year-old girl sent out a warning message that said, "Something bad is going on here."  Felicia Kononchuk alarmed netizens about her situation when her neighbor 33-year-old Vasily Dunets kept banging on her front door of her Chita city, Russia home for more than an hour. The little girl was left terrified as her father was not home at the time and she was alone with her younger brother, reports The Sun. In a video she uploaded on TikTok, the scared girl can be heard saying, "We have a neighbor here, drunk, knocking on our door, breaking it."

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"Shouting obscene words. I'm just scared... He is totally... I'm scared… My dad went to the shop. I don’t know what to do, he will just break our door now and that's it. I'm very scared, my heart is beating… He’s been knocking for about an hour. It’s tough... My youngest brother just hid..." Felicia continued. Shortly after posting about her "drunk and obscene" neighbor harassing them, the banging had died down and the girl thought that the worst was over. Her father arrived home from the shop eventually and it seemed that Dunets was done bothering the family.




After a while, Felicia heard a soft knock on the door and she thought it was her friend who was supposed to go on a walk with her. But on the other side of the door was Dunets, who was standing there with a 12 caliber hunting rifle. Thus, as Felicia went to open the door, the 33-year-old unleashed a rain of bullets on the little girl who had no idea what was going on. A few of the bullets shot by Dunets penetrated the family's metal door and tragically hit the girl right in her head. "I ran into the corridor and saw my daughter covered in blood," recalled the distressed father, Fyodor, whose worst nightmare had come true. 




"She croaked: 'Dad, I’ve been killed!'" he shared. "I took her in my arms and shouted to my son and the repair workers to call an ambulance. My daughter died in my arms. When the ambulance arrived, I carried her to them but the doctors said that she had no chance to survive." On the day of her funeral, her 44-year-old father posted a video of her baby girl lying in her coffin with her 4-year-old brother standing beside her. "My daughter’s body is in the soil and her soul is in heaven," he said, in the video according to The Sun. Even the girl's 35-year-old mom, Alena, was left grieving her loss. She described Felicia as a person who never held a grudge against anyone and said she was "so cheerful and bright."

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Details of the culprit, who caused the family unimaginable pain, were eventually revealed. Apparently, Dunets worked in a household supplies store and Alena said that their family shared a good relationship with him. But that day Dunets was left angered due to the noise coming from the family's house, where some repair work was going on. It was alleged that Felicia's father Fyodor had kicked the man during the scuffle but he claimed that he would never engage in a conversation with a "drunk man". Even on that day, he asked Dunets to go back to his home and sleep. Eventually, Dunets was arrested after he confessed to killing the child. If or when convicted, he could face a life sentence. 

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