Girl, 7, With Several Health Issues Inspires Millions With "Sparkling Personality"

Girl, 7, With Several Health Issues Inspires Millions With "Sparkling Personality"

The little girl was born with Hirschsprung's disease, severe combined immunodeficiency, and a form of dwarfism.

Image Source: Instagram/kylact

Isabella Thompson is only seven, but she's spent most of her time in a hospital because she was born with hirschsprung's disease, severe combined immunodeficiency and a form of dwarfism. According to Good Morning America, the little one who has had over 21 surgeries is inspiring millions, all thanks to her contagious spirits. Bella, has had a bone marrow transplant is now on the waitlist for a bowel transplant. "She's definitely shown me that she's very resilient all on her own," Bella's mom, Kyla Thompson, from Swift Current, Canada, told the publication.


"I want to show the positive because she goes through so [many] medical hardships, and she bounces back," she added. Thompson, also mom to 2-year-old Waylon, added that she has to take Bella to the hospital every month so that she can receive infusion therapy for her SCID. In a bid to share her inspiring journey with people, Thompson started social media handles on behalf of her daughter. Millions now are fans of the little one who has a sparkling personality. "It just blows people away," Thompson said. "I realized that she is just happy and bubbly and outgoing no matter the amount of surgeries ... she's so well-spoken and will talk to you like she's your best friend the moment she meets you."


When Thompson shared a video of Bella dancing to a song from the popular kids' film, the video went viral soon and a lot of messages came in on Bella's behalf. "A lot of adults are like, 'If I have a bad day, I'm stressed out' or 'I'm going through a similar medical scenario and Bella gives me a joy,'" Thompson said. "It's exactly what I hoped for -- to give people a sense of hope." Dr. Billie Au, a clinical geneticist at Alberta Children's Hospital, says that Bella having the three conditions is rare, though they're all due to the same genetic cause. Au, whose worked with Bella says she's extremely smart!


"Cognitively, she's a very smart kid," Au said. "She goes to school. None of this affects her brain at all. I've always been really impressed at how Isabella and her family [are] happy and adjusted ... despite of what she's had to go through." Bella, who is in second grade, is now earning remotely. She enjoys singing, dancing, Legos, hiking, playing in the snow and reading comments from her followers. In one of her videos Thompson has posted on Instagram, she delves into detail about what exactly it takes to be a medical mom and it is far from easy, and it's something that one just can't do alone. 


She shares: I want to be the salt & His light. • Thank you to many media outlets who have supported me in sharing Bella’s medical journey & life from my family’s eyes. ✨ To advocate and help others is my goal. To help people, parents, children in similar situations and share the joy & faith through it all so they too can have hope and joy through trying times. ✨ People all over social media couldn't help but fawn over Bella's amazing courage and spirit and they all want nothing more than for her to get better soon and live a normal, stress-free life, where she doesn't turn up at the hospital every month. 

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