Girl, 13, Fights Off Man By Kicking Him In His Privates When He Allegedly Tried To Rape Her

Girl, 13, Fights Off Man By Kicking Him In His Privates When He Allegedly Tried To Rape Her

There were many instances when the accused behaved inappropriately and he allegedly wouldn't allow her to leave his place without giving him a hug.

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Trigger warning: The story contains graphic details of sexual assault that readers may find disturbing

In a harrowing case of assault, a teenage girl recalled how a 33-year-old man allegedly attempted to rape her but thankfully, she somehow managed to fight him off. During a trial, the girl addressed the jury and revealed how the suspect identified as Stephen Beveridge forced her into having unprotected sex with him when she visited him at his residence in Edinburgh, Scotland. The victim was reportedly just 13-years-old at the time and would often visit the man's apartment with her friends to smoke cannabis in 2018.




"We just got high, like all the time. It was good," recalled the girl. Soon, their smoke-up sessions became an almost everyday occurrence as the girl, who is now 16, and her friends would often skip school to meet at Beveridge's apartment. There were many instances when the teen girl saw the man behaving inappropriately not only with her but also with her friends as he tried to sexually abuse them. Addressing the jury, the girl revealed that Beveridge would only allow her to leave his one-bedroom flat after she gave him a hug. But there were many occasions when he would take advantage of the hug and grope her over her clothes. 




One particular day, the man tried to rape her after flipping her over on a mattress kept on the floor of his bedroom. According to Mirror, Beveridge tried to force himself on her and have sex with her. But his attempts were foiled by the teenager, who when asked if the attacker got this way, said, "Not fully. I stopped it. I kicked him in the balls and told him to f**k off." He even threatened to rape the girl's sisters and friends if she told anyone about the attempted rape. However, the girl responded by threatening to cut off Beveridge's manhood, and at this point, he finally left the girl alone after saying "sorry" as he went into the bathroom.




But he never really mended his ways. Not long after the alleged rape, he went up to the teenager while she was sitting in the kitchen, took her by the legs, and wrapped them around his body. There were several other incidents of abuse against the teen girl, including the time when Beveridge grabbed her hand, placed it on his privates, and passed a sexual comment. On yet another occasion, he tried to force his hands down her pants to inappropriately touch her. The girl told the court that he would attempt to "poke" and "he just kept trying and I said: 'No. Get off me!' I said things like: 'Don’t f**king touch me again!'"




Instead of backing off, Beveridge would respond to her warnings saying, "It's not a big deal..." She also witnessed the man trying to hug another 14-year-old schoolgirl who was on his bed and heard her telling him to "f*** off." The video evidence provided by the girl was played to the jury during the second day of the trial at the High Court in Livingston. Beveridge was charged with sexually assaulting and raping two underage schoolgirls, who were 13 and 14 at the time, between the months of August and November 2018. He was also accused of kidnapping an older girl, slapping her in the face, and detaining her against her will. 




He is also accused of supplying cannabis to youngsters, behaving in a threatening manner by cutting himself with a knife and punching doors and wall, being in possession of an imitation firearm with the intention of scaring a boy to fear unlawful violence against him, firing an airgun at two young kids and hitting them with metal pellets. Beveridge had denied a total of 11 charges and has filed a special defense of incrimination for the charge of discharging the airgun. The trial continues. 

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