'Big Toe' Shoes Are The Latest Footwear Trend And They're Selling Like Hot Cakes

'Big Toe' Shoes Are The Latest Footwear Trend And They're Selling Like Hot Cakes

These shoes are meant to cover your feet except your big ol' toe. While people are debating its existence others are getting their hands on it as fast as they can!

Say hello to the fall's latest and most hideous fashion trend called "big-toe" heels. Yes, you heard me right. This so-called fashionable footwear allows you to slip into a pair of heels that exposes your big toe while covering the rest. The trend has now been set by a Paris-based brand called Y/Projects which is known for pushing boundaries when it comes to fashion reports New York Post



The shoes priced at $1,000 are apparently selling quite fast, according to the brand's website. Who are these fashion-forward people, am I right? It's sure to give the other ugly shoe brands like  Crocs and Birkenstock a run for their money! According to reports, these ugly-looking-big toe-revealing shoes were first sighted on the catwalk during the streetwear brand's spring/summer 2018 collection. However, it gained popularity during the spring/summer 2019 show when Glenn Martens' paired it with his funky designs like a deconstructed denim with two waists. 



After watching the models sashay down the catwalk in these heels, people rushed to get their hands on them ! As per reports, most of the designs were completely sold out in record time! They have several varieties of quirky shoes ranging from $500 to over $1,000. Of course, they come in various floral prints and also the minimalistic black and white versions. Do we really need them though? Well, multiple people who have bought these shoes seem to think so!

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The open-toed creation is definitely turning heads as popular brands like Phoebe Philo’s Céline have caught up with this freakish trend with their own twist. According to the New York Post, the brand is selling "Pirate Leather Sandals" which only covers the big toe while leaving the others exposed. This pair of sandals will set you back by $695. People are now using the hashtag #BigToeShoe on Instagram and it's selling like hotcakes. Everyone seems to be wanting one. Go figure!


This is not the first time that the brand Y/Project was under the limelight. Previously, it introduced $300 denim hot pants and the weird crotchless jeans as per a Daily Mail report. And let's not forget the $260 earrings which look exactly like Slinky toys and their sheepskin boots  These staggering designs are a favorite among stars like Gigi Hadid and the Kardashians. 



Now that we have ventured into the grotesque-world of toeless shoes, let's dive right into its history and see where it all started. It all began with a French veteran, Maison Margiela's design. He introduced the toe-separation craze with his Tabi calfskin boots. They were sold for $980 back in 1989. The trailblazing style was actually inspired by the traditional Japanese tabi sock which is actually worn with thong sandals-  zōris or getas. "I wanted to create an ‘invisible’ shoe, the illusion of a bare foot walking on a high, chunky heel," said Margiela to his first retailer, Geert Bruloot, according to GQ. No matter how much people loved or hated his design, it did leave a mark in the history of fashion. 



Social media denizens had a lot to say about this bizarre fashion trend. @BillySecret_ wrote: Eww. Anything to make a buck. And people with too much money will buy a pair and wear them only once. While @karenfayeth added: It doesn’t help that both visible toes in those photos are heinous. At least get a cute toe for those terrible shoes. Also, the toe may not be the worst part. The construction of the heel is aesthetically awful. @ScandalWines noted: Selling out where? I thought Payless went out of business.


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