Gerard Butler Celebrates His 50th Birthday By Releasing Sea Turtles Into The Ocean

Gerard Butler Celebrates His 50th Birthday By Releasing Sea Turtles Into The Ocean

Although the famed star turned 50 in November 2019, he shared the details of his birthday celebrations recently.

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In November 2019, Gerard Butler turned 50. For his milestone birthday, he decided to make a difference in the world. The Ugly Truth actor celebrated his big day by released turtles in Costa Rica while being surrounded by his "spiritual" friends. Although the famed star turned 50 two years ago, he shared the details of his birthday celebrations only recently. Describing the moment as "very powerful," the Scottish star told Total Film Magazine, "I'm not a birthday party guy. I've often, on my birthday, at 7 p.m., said 'okay, let's have dinner'. And everybody is told with 15 minutes to spare."


Butler, who starred as Spartan warrior Leonidas in 300, continued, "But this time, I actually did a big event in Costa Rica and brought loads of friends down. And it was very, very powerful. We brought down a lot of spiritual people, a lot of performers." According to the Daily Mail, Butler went on to release sea turtles into the ocean. "We did a lot of environmental stuff, like releasing sea turtles out into the ocean. It was such a mix of so many things, I'm so glad I did it." During his time in Costa Rica, the actor also participated in an event called Envision Festival, reports ET Canada


The event was described as something "inspired by and inspiring the positive collective consciousness of all who are involved for the betterment of ourselves and of the planet." It sought to bring people together "through music, art, and sacred movement in one of the most gorgeous natural settings on the planet" so they could "recharge and revitalize our souls to help us both handle the challenges and realize the opportunities of our rapidly changing world."


The event took place months before the coronavirus pandemic hit the United States. The health crisis ended up delaying the release of his latest movie, Greenland, which was set to appear on the big screen in 2020. After being pushed several times, it was eventually made available through video-on-demand in December. This was followed by an incident that nearly tarnished Butler's image after he recently did an advertisement which led to a controversial gender stereotyping row. It was an advertisement for Diageo-made Windhoek beer, which was later banned. The South African commercial suggested that the "real beer" was meant for "real men" like the Paisley-born actor.



Despite being known for his battle with alcohol addiction, Butler agreed to do the advertisement. The actor has claimed that he hasn't had alcohol after checking into Betty Ford clinic in 2012. According to Daily Mail, the actor could be seen casually sitting and having a pint of beer at a bar with the slogan, "It's time for the perfect beer." The campaign also featured a tag line that read: "Keeping It Real With Mr. Gerard Butler." South Africa's Advertising Regulatory Board (ARB) said that the beer brand used a "gentle-looking" man who eventually falls to the pressure of "macho" film star Gerard Butler. 


They added that Butler was featured as "a macho looking movie star" who takes issue with another customer at the bar who asks the tender for a slice of lime with his Windhoek beer. "Hey, that’s a Windhoek. It’s 100% beer. You don’t need any lime," Butler tells him, before turning to the camera saying, "Keep it real, Joe. Keep it real." The ARB noted that the customer in question "is a gentle-looking, red-headed man – two characteristics that might typically make him a target for teasing in a toxic environment." Therefore, the regulatory body ruled that the commercial was entrenched in toxic masculinity by showing how a man decides against having a lime with his beer just because a "macho" man like Gerard Butler advised against it. 


"The reality is that it is exactly the unspoken nature of the communication that makes it particularly dangerous – the gender stereotype portrayed as so normal that it does not even require explanation," explained the ARB. The problem lied with both "the entrenchment of the role of men as having to behave in a certain way" and "he entrenchment of male behavior that is bullying, and what has come to be labeled as 'toxic masculinity,'" it said. But the brewers of Windhoek, Heineken, argued that the central character had ordered a lime merely out of habit "and when he tasted the Windhoek Lager without the lime, his response was one of appreciation. He does not react with offense or shame." 

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