Kind Customer Leaves $2,500 Tip To Support Staff As Bar Closes Due To Coronavirus

Kind Customer Leaves $2,500 Tip To Support Staff As Bar Closes Due To Coronavirus

The generous patron left a $2,500 tip to help with the losses incurred by the bar and staff during the closure of businesses in Ohio.

Image Source: Twitter/Coaches On Bethel

Customers pour in every Sunday at the Coaches Bar and Grill in Columbus, Ohio; however, the same wasn't the case this weekend. This past Sunday, the worried staff at the renowned sports bar gathered around the television as Governor DeWine ordered every bar and restaurant in the state to shut down in a bid to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. With many concerns on their mind like, "How will I earn the rent for next month?" or "How will my family survive without my salary?" they served a customer who happened to be one of their last for the foreseeable future. 


The middle-aged man ordered some food and beer and when the check was provided to him, the bill was just under $30. But after the anonymous customer left, the staff and owner Patrick "Benny" Leonard was left with tears of joy. The generous man, who wanted to keep his identity hidden had left behind a lumpsum tip which immediately uplifted their spirits. A whopping $2,500 was presented as a tip by the man who visited the bar every Wednesday to play trivia, Leonard told CNN


"Please split this tab equally between Tara, Nicky, Jim, Liz, and Arrun," read the check to everyone's delight. "There were tears of joy among everyone here," recalled Leonard, who was left speechless by the man's generosity. "On a day when I've never seen a shutdown like that, I've never seen a tip like that either." With the Coronavirus showing no sign of waning in the U.S., the pandemic has induced a panic that is, unfortunately, bringing out the worst in people. "You go to the store and we have people fighting over toilet paper," said Leonard about the same. But the kind actions of this man was surely a reminder that humanity still exists and that the "every man for himself" mentality isn't shown by everyone. 


This is exactly the kind of perception we need to get through this health crisis. "To have a person sitting here and do that, it's amazing," added Leonard, applauding the man's selfless gestures. "This is where we should all be. The more we have of this, the better the country will roll through these unprecedented times," he advised. As for the bar, Leonard said, that it will try its best to survive by preparing food for takeout. He added how all the employees perfectly understood the difficulty that this unemployment will bring about. So, the grateful staff decided to split the $2,500 tip with all 12 employees instead of dividing the check among the five whose name was mentioned on the tab.


Ohio joined the growing list of states that have instructed every restaurant and bar to close. For people who have the privilege of working from home, the coronavirus epidemic might not be affecting your livelihood. But for small businesses like Coaches social distancing could result in a massive loss. You can help them stay put by ordering in as many independently owned eateries are now getting on platforms like Uber Eats or Postmates to keep their business afloat. Tipping more than usuals could also help wait staff and delivery people as their income is bound to drop due to the closure of many restaurants. 


Purchasing gift cards to your favorite theatre, shop, or restaurant would also be an immediate way to help put cash into the businesses, according to the national director of The Main Street Alliance, Amanda Ballantyne. It is something that the CEO of the Opportunity Fund, Luz Urrutia, has done. "I just bought gift cards to every one of the [local] restaurants that I love. They get their cash today. And I'll be able to use it later," said Urrutia.

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