Garbageman Who Continues To Risk His Life So You And I Can Stay Safe, Says 'It's Gonna Be Ok'

Garbageman Who Continues To Risk His Life So You And I Can Stay Safe, Says 'It's Gonna Be Ok'

This is the kind of reassurance that we need, especially during such trying times.

Image Source: Twitter

The world is panicking amid the coronavirus crisis. While most of us have the privilege to stay at home and work remotely, some people need to get out there to do their job. While the first professionals that cross our mind are doctors and police officers, we tend to forget that the people who collect our garbage also have no option but to get out there and do their job. This garbageman named Jester is one of those people who's going out there into the real world and helping us, one trashcan at a time. He recently took to Twitter to reassure people in the most heartwarming, humane way possible.


He shared on Twitter: I’m a garbageman, I can’t work from home and my job is an essential city service that must get done. It’s a tough job, from getting up pre-dawn to the physical toll it takes on my body to the monotonous nature of the job, at times it’s hard to keep on going. Right now though, right now I am feeling an extra sense of pride and purpose as I do my work. I see the people, my people, of my city, peeking out their windows at me. They’re scared, we’re scared. Scared but resilient. Us garbagemen are gonna keep collecting the garbage, doctors and nurses are gonna keep doctoring and nurse-ering. It’s gonna be ok, we’re gonna make it be ok. I love my city. I love my country. I love my planet Earth. Be good to each other and we’ll get through this.


Soon enough, his heartwarming tweet went viral with several people commenting and retweeting. He responded with a message: Wow you guys I don’t even know what to do with a viral tweet. I have nothing to promote and if I did, I wouldn’t do it on this tweet. My heart is filled to bursting with this response to my words, I’m just a dude with a phone and a little spare time. Thank you. Daniel Vertuno wrote: I work in a grocery store pharmacy, can’t do it from home either. We are trying our best, the other day I went 9 hours without sitting down or taking a break. People yell at us constantly because they go to the doctor, get a RX, drop it off and it’s not ready in 5 minutes.


Skylark added: You are not a “garbageman”. You are on the front line of environmental management. Look at any third world country that does not have clean water and is rife with disease and you will see it starts with waste management. You serve at ground zero so we can live in a healthy society. A third user, Godzillafeet added: My dad used to say that executives can take 3 week vacations and nobody blinks, but the janitor's out for a day and people are freaking out. I always thought that was a good example of who is really important in our society. :-) Jules also wrote: Thank you! It takes all the parts for the machine to work! Same with a hospital or a city! ALL the team players contribute to the success! All of us! The workers of this Country our the rightful owners.


 This tweet comes after Gov. Jay Inslee saying that he will shut down restaurants and bars and expand the limits on gatherings to further restrict the spread of COVID-19. “Restaurants will be allowed to provide take-out and delivery services but no in-person dining will be permitted." He added, “These are very difficult decisions, but hours count here and very strong measures are necessary to slow the spread of the virus. I know there will be significant economic impacts to all our communities and we are looking at steps to help address those challenges." Now, this proves that we need more people like Jester in our world! 


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