'Fuller House' Star Candace Cameron-Bure: 'Our Family Values Are Based On Our Faith In The Church'

'Fuller House' Star Candace Cameron-Bure: 'Our Family Values Are Based On Our Faith In The Church'

Actress and author of 'Staying Stylish', Candace Cameron-Bure, confessed, "I have experienced discrimination in the faith department for sure in my career."

Fuller House star Candace Cameron-Bure acknowledged the important role the Bible and her Christian faith plays in her life. "We're Christians. The Bible means everything to me. So the church is an important part of our lives and our family values that are based in our faith," Bure told Fox News of the faith-based foundation she had set up for her children. "You can navigate through it and you can come out okay," she continued, claiming she has done her best to guide her three children as they have chosen their professions. She also added that she reminds her children that she will always be there should they ever require her help especially for her 21-year-old daughter, Natasha, who has chosen the same path as her.



Last year when Bure appeared on the popular television program The Wendy Williams Show, she revealed how she had to face discrimination in the industry due to her Christian faith reported CBN News. "I have experienced discrimination in the faith department for sure in my career," confessed the New York Times best-selling author when Williams, the show's host, asked, "Do you ever get criticism for your faith in terms of acting jobs and things?" Furthermore, she added, "But I don't experience it as much now because I think so many people know me for it.  I think they look to me for my faith, but if they're not looking for that they just don't hire me. It's not thrown in my face like, 'We're not having her on.'"



Born and raised in  Los Angeles, the 43-year-old has been in the entertainment industry since she was just 5 years of age. On several occasions, she has been proud of adhering to her values throughout her career.  Talking about her children she said, "They’ve all got a good head on their shoulders and my husband [former NHL player Valeri Bure]and I tried to be the most invested and intentional parents we could and now it's up to them to make their own choices." 



Now, that her oldest, Natasha, has taken up an acting career, she's not sure if her sons would go the same way. "They think it's incredibly boring, the entertainment industry, which I don't disagree with if you don't have a passion for it," she said of her sons Maksim, 17, and Lev, 19 who reportedly have zero-interest in the field. Better known as D.J. Tanner by many, Bure, told Fox News how her co-stars treat each other like family. "We call each other by character names all the time. We’ve been these characters for over 30 years so it's like interchangeable -- our character name or our real name," revealed the actress who has now reprised her role in Fuller House.




In addition to that, she explained how her cast members give their screen names whenever they go out for coffee. "We say our character names. It’s totally dorky, but it makes us giggle," she jokingly said continuing, "They only write our character names on our Starbucks cups." When the religious actress is not filming, she spends her time in a healthy manner by focusing on her fitness. Recently, Bure partnered with Dick's Sporting Goods, in order to, promote its new DSG fitness apparel line,  which is both inclusive and pocket-friendly. Providing a wide range of sizes from XXS to XXL, the clothes cost between $15 to $40 only.



"Fitness has been a huge part of my life for a really long time. I love working out and the DSG brand is really good quality athletic wear and it fits the whole family and is affordable for everyone," said Bure, explaining how keeps herself fit by eating clean and getting into the gym whenever she gets the chance. "I work out pretty consistently with [personal trainer] Kira Stokes on her fitness app," she said adding, "I also run and do Pilates." The actress usually consumes vegetables that grow in her own garden and she cannot resist a good dessert. "I splurge all the time. I live life. Everything in moderation, but when I want dessert, I have it," confessed the actress. "I just kind of save it for once a week or something."


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