To The Friends That Love Us, Even If We Don't Talk To Them Everyday!

To The Friends That Love Us, Even If We Don't Talk To Them Everyday!

We don't need to talk to someone on a daily basis to sustain the friendship. The love just doesn't go away when it's true friendship!

I've moved all over the country, so when it came to making friends, I was quite the pro. Sadly, most of them were temporary, because I always moved. Yep, my life was quite similar to Gabriella's from High School Musical. Thing is, I came across a lot of people throughout my life. I mean, thanks to social media, I am connected to a lot of them through various platforms, but if you ask me how many people I talk to regularly, I'm going to be in a fix. Who has the time? MY best friend from grade 2 was not my best friend in grade 6. Like I said, temporary people. But, you do find your soulmate, your other half, your best friend. I found mine in the fifth grade.

I left school in the 8th grade, but I never lost contact with her. The first few years, we made it a point to talk to each other every single day after school, updating each other about our lives, not leaving out even the smallest of details. We exchanged e-mails even though we already knew everything. Crushes, secrets, heartbreaks, be it anything, we always made sure to tell the other one first. 


Soon, school was done and it was time to go to college. Being in different cities meant we were already used to the long-distance relationship. But going to college meant getting out of the comfort of your own space and into the big, bad, world. At first, she was the only one I had. My shoulder to lean on and cry on. That slowly started to change. I began to meet new people, plans started to fall into place. 


Our daily calls started to get shorter and it became weekly. We did update each other via texts, but they weren't as detailed as either of us would have liked them to be. These weekly calls also got hacked and got shorter and shorter, till it became once a month because we were just so busy with everyone else and our lives. Thankfully, even though we only spoke once a month, we always got straight to the point and told each other EVERYTHING. Yes, I missed her, but life happened. 


With college done, I was out in the real world, with real responsibilities. Yet again, we were moving to different cities and our monthly calls became quite rare. Most of our conversations now happened over WhatsApp or social media. Communication was us tagging one another in memes to tell them this reminded me of her or that I missed her. That's about it, but she was still #1 on my speed dial. She's been there since I got my first phone. 


What happened is she and I both got busy. We had other things to deal with; life happened. I met other people. I met the love of my life, and she did too. They started to take up most of our time, and we couldn't give each other time like we did. But, does this mean the love isn't there? No, my best friend will always be the love of my life. I will fight for her and defend her, irrespective of where she is and who she's with. 


I will always be happy for her and be sad with her. I will always be grateful to God for giving her to me. I will always be thankful to have her because she's no less than family. Sure, we may have grown apart, but that love will never fade. She is always going to be the one I turn to when I've messed up, just like I did in school. She's going to be the first to know about anything big that happens in my life, as always. She's the same person as she was in school. She's my best friend, and even if we don't talk every day, I love you immensely, because I know you love me, just as much as you did when we first met and pinky-promised one another to be friends for a lifetime. 


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