Fridaballs Are The Special Kid-Proof Underwear Every Dad Needs To Protect The "Family Jewels"

Fridaballs Are The Special Kid-Proof Underwear Every Dad Needs To Protect The "Family Jewels"

The world's first child-proof underwear promises to "successfully add branches to your family tree", protecting your family jewels from inadvertent injury.

With a mere week left to find the perfect Father's Day gift, the variety of options can get confusing and it's time to buckle down. If you're looking for a thoughtful gift for a dad with toddlers and young children, what better way to let them know you appreciate them than by helping them preserve their...legacy?

Enter Fridaballs, the world's very first kid proof underwear by baby product company Fridababy. As any new father can tell you, being a parent to an energetic ball of love comes with its fair share of injuries - the attack hug, the accidental headbutt, the flying leap of affection - all of which can at the very least, knock the wind out of you, and at most, leave you groaning on the floor nursing your family jewels.

Fridaballs promises an end to the pain. According to their website, Fridababy's mission is to "prepare parents for the unsexy, unfiltered realities of parenthood with simple-yet-genius solutions that get the job done". Fridaballs promises to "successfully add branches to your family tree" with what they call their "heirloom conservation technology". 


The company's hilarious introduction video for the child-proof underwear says, "Fridababy knows that being a dad can be a contact sport." They don't mean that lightly - the video shows a montage of various dads being inadvertently injured by their kids, and if you're a dad to young kids you'll definitely cringe.

Fridaballs was conceptualized to "soften the blow," according to the video. The boxer-briefs feature breathable fabric to "keep things fresh" down there, a non-slip secure waistband to make sure you're never in a difficult position, a reinforced protective pouch in the groin, and the company's patent-pending Heirloom Conservation Technology. It's even endorsed by Scream Queens star Oliver Hudson, who made an Instagram video to demonstrate their effectiveness. 



The Fridaballs are made of polyester and spandex and comes in sizes from Small to Extra Large. The boxer-briefs are priced at $27.99, and the company also offers a lifetime guarantee since "Babies are fragile. Fridababy products are not." You can buy the underwear on the company website or on Amazon. 

The company advertises proudly that Fridaballs will protect anyone's testicles from head butts, baby carrier swinging heels, bed jumping body slams and much much more.



The company also produces other unique and hardy parenting solutions like the NoseFrida - a gentle, natural, and hygienic aspirator that will solve all your baby-snot related problems in a jiffy. The Fridababy has favorable reviews so far and rave reactions from people.

Reviewer Jay1 wrote in to say that he uses Fridaballs several times a week. He wrote: I can play with my kids and not worry about getting knocked around. Before I would wince away, when my waist high kid would run up to me, now I can play the kids without fear. An Amazon reviewer, Demarious O'Neil, who bought them for her husband as a Valentine's Day gift, wrote: Super funny and he says they actually are really comfy!!! People on social media are also excited by the idea. Best Father's Day gift ever, we think!










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