Dream Run: There's A Marathon Where You Can Drink Wine And Eat Cheese Along The Way

Dream Run: There's A Marathon Where You Can Drink Wine And Eat Cheese Along The Way

Marathon du Medoc takes 8,500 through vineyards in South West France. The registrations for the 35th marathon are now open.

Marathons are not easy at all. They require a lot of stamina and a strategy. You need to pace yourself well to even finish the race, forget about winning it. During marathon runs there are water stands along the way for runners to stop, take a sip or two and then continue with their journey to the ned. However, things are a little different in France. Marathon du Medoc is a race in which runners do not stop for water, rather they stop for wine, cheese, oysters, ice cream, and even steaks along the way. The registrations for this fancy marathon recently opened for the 35th year. The marathon has seen nothing but success since the time it started. It takes 8500 runners through the picturesque vineyards of south-west France. It surely has an aesthetic. This 26.2-mile course is different in yet another way. The runners of the marathon need to dress in fancy clothes in order to participate.

For the past few years, there has been a theme for the fancy dress that the participants are supposed to wear. For the 2019 edition of the race, the runners have to dress up as superheroes. According to the official rules of the race, the male and female winners of the marathon will receive their weight in Medoc wine. However, a large number of nicely dressed runners will also be rewarded with a supply of the beverage. 


According to the organizers, the finish line will be shut after six hours and 30 minutes. They feel like this is more than enough time for even beginners to have finished the race. During the race, the runners will come across wine tasting, oysters, steak, cheese, ice cream, and even grapes. The runners will also be witness to a musical performance while the race goes on. Once the race is done, there are celebrations held throughout the evening which include live band performances and even local producers supplying more wine and food. 


The race was founded in 1985 and it takes its name from the Medoc wine-growing region, north of Bordeaux on France's Atlantic coast.  The route passes through celebrated estates such as Pauillac, St. Julien-Beychevelle and St. Estèphe, and past more than 50 chateaux. French athlete Denis Mayaud held the record for the fastest marathon finish in 2018. He completed the 26.2-mile marathon in just two hours and 26 minutes. The registration for the 2019 edition opened up recently. Runners have to pay 88 euros to get a start number. 


There are other payments that runners will have to make if they intend to take part in the celebrations and the dinner, or a shorter, six-mile walk on the Sunday morning after the race is done. During the race, medical assistance is provided to the runners at all times. There are around 300 volunteers that help with providing this medical assistance from 15 tents and five mobile units. The race is always held on a Saturday. This year's race will be held on September 7.


For the participants however, it isn't about the alcohol or the free food. Most of them take part in the race for the beautiful scenery they come across during the run. The view is said to be absolutely perfect. They even get to discover some historic sites along the way, there are two castles part of the course which are said to be simply, amazing. Some take part in the race so that they can enjoy the celebrations after. Like watching the live band performance and just enjoying the vibe of the festival. 


With such a long race, no one seems to mind the cheese and the steaks that they get to enjoy on the way. Not even the health freaks, because the run makes you burn everything you consume along the way. The dinner after the run might seem to be a little too much food at the end of it but people are generally starving and need the extra dinner. Also, if you think about, it is a pretty healthy marathon. Everything served is healthy, steaks are healthy, cheese is high in protein, and wine helps with aging and keeping your heart healthy. Seems like the best marathon that could ever take place now, doesn't it?


Here's how some of the people reacted after getting to know the registrations were open again.




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