Man Fractures 13-YO Boy's Skull For Not Removing His Hat During The National Anthem

Man Fractures 13-YO Boy's Skull For Not Removing His Hat During The National Anthem

Justifying his actions, Curt James Brockway, 39, was heard saying "he had every right to do that" according to witnesses.

News about a Montana man allegedly assaulting a young boy, last weekend has surfaced. According to the Washington Post, 39-year-old Curt James Brockway slammed the 13-year-old's head to the ground at the Mineral County Fairgrounds on Saturday evening. In a recent release, Mike Boone, Mineral County's Sheriff revealed the reason for Brockway's behavior to be the kid's apparent "disrespect" for the national anthem. Justifying his action, the accused told witnessed around him that the boy named Wally did not comply with his command to remove his hat as the national anthem was being played. 


Charged with assaulting a minor the 39-year-old was arrested right then at Fairgrounds, which is located in Superior, a western Montana town. The suspect also informed a Deputy Sheriff about a conversation he had with Wally before he decided to slam his head ruthlessly onto the ground, according to Scary Mommy. Narrating the story, he informed how he asked the little boy to remove his hat to which the boy declined by allegedly cursing at him. However, witnesses did not confirm this part of Brockway's story and specified how the attack seemed very random. 


Although the Sheriff's office declined to provide any further information regarding the alleged assault there was one witness who overheard and saw the attack. Taylor Hennick was one of many people attending the event and she informed local news channels how she heard a "pop" near the Mineral County Fair and Rodeo arena's entrance right when the national anthem started playing. As soon as she heard the noise she turned around and witnessed this boy squirming on the ground in pain. 


Speaking to the Missoulian Hennick said, "There was a little boy lying on the ground. He was bleeding out of his ears, seizing on the ground, just not coherent." Just as people started gathering near Brockway, Hennick informed how he offered a simple defense for his unspeakable actions. "He said [the boy] was disrespecting the national anthem, so he had every right to do that," she said recalling the incident. Several witnesses heard the accused saying "he had every right to do that" as the kid refused to remove his hat. 


According to the police, the 13-year-old had to be rushed to the hospital and due to the severity of his injuries, he had to be flown to Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital situated in Spokane. A CBS-affiliated news station, KPAX, reported how the boy had suffered a temporal skull fracture due to the impact. He kept bleeding from his ears for six hours following the event said his mother. Thankfully, the boy was released this Tuesday and is still in the process of healing. During an interview, the outlet asked Wally about his memory fo the incident. "It’s just a lot of pain in my head. I don’t remember anything — the rodeo — the helicopter — nothing," said the ailing 13-year-old. 


Shortly after being arrested at the event, Brockway appeared at court on Monday for his initial hearing and his bond was requested to be set at $10,000. But the judge ruled in favor of Brockway and he was released on his own recognizance and an arraignment was set for Aug. 14. Considering how brutal and horrific the crime was it enraged people including the mother of the victim, Megan Keeler, as Brockway was free to walk the streets at the moment. As per reports, this wasn't the 39-year-old's first run-in with the police. 


Back in 2010, he was charged with an assault with a weapon and also plead guilty. Scary Mommy reports how MTN News derived court documents of the said incident which clearly stated how he closed in on a parked vehicle, left his car and threatened to kill a family with a gun he pulled on them. The accused has been serving a 10-year-probation sentence for the said incident. Now, a second assault charge has everyone wondering about his violent streak.


Keeler, who reportedly had just dropped her son off at the event when the violent act took place was visibly shaken. She expressed her disappointment at the court's decision to let her son's attacker walk free for the time being. "I want to know Curt is put away and I would like compensation for the damages and bills," said Keller. In addition to this, Keeler said she wants Brockway in prison so that he's unable to hurt anyone else.


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