Fourteen Tell-Tale Signs Your Soul Is Tired And Exhausted

Fourteen Tell-Tale Signs Your Soul Is Tired And Exhausted

Even though you've got on a brave face, it's not hard to understand that you're so tired and exhausted with life.

There comes a point in life where we realize that life doesn't serve the purpose we originally thought it did. Sometimes, it just gets so monotonous that we are left wondering why we go through with life every day because it's not like we don't know what's about to happen. There is no space for joy or surprises that bring a smile to your face anymore and it worries you that you're not as bothered about it as you would have been a couple of years ago. This is probably a sign from your body that you've been strong for too long and that it's time to sit back and take a break. You need to do that so you can connect with yourself again. These are the signs that your soul is tired and dying.

1. You don't find joy in anything you do

You do everything you're asked/told to do. You always turn up at events and you're there to support your friends, but you don't do them because they bring you joy. You actually do them because it's expected of you.

2. It's hard for you to remember the last time you laughed your heart out

Sure, you laugh at jokes, even at ones made at your expense, but they are fake and not like the heartfelt ones you know you're capable of.  People have told you that you have an infectious laugh, but it's been a while since you've heard that one. 


3. You look back at yourself from years ago, and it seems like a stranger to you

When you look back, you look at yourself and find it hard for you to recognize the person you once were. At some point, you were filled with love and laughter, but that has been wiped away with time and you miss that.

4. Even when you're surrounded by others, you feel lonely

You might be in a room full of people, but somehow you feel too lonely like there's no one on Earth that belongs to you. You feel like there's no one who gets you and that hurts you, but by now, you're so used to the loneliness that you have a way to cope with the pain. 


5. There is no purpose in life that keeps you motivated

Everyone has something that keeps them motivated, but for you, there's nothing as such. Life just goes on and you take each day as it comes, not knowing what the future holds for you or what you will do when the time comes for you to make a choice based on what you need in life. 

6. You say yes, but all you really want to do is say no

Every time you say yes; yes to doing something you don't want to, yes to going out with friends, and yes to acting normal, all you really want to do is scream out and say no. No, you don't want to do any of this, but you're doing it because you don't want questions hurled your way. 


7. You feel like you always give, but get nothing in return

There are times when you actually wonder if people are using you because you keep being nice to them and doing them favors, but you're not really sure they'd do the same thing to you if need be and that worries you, but you can't change anything about it. 

8. You keep lying to yourself that you're okay

You know you're not okay, but the best you can do to pretend like everything is fine is to lie to yourself and that's what you constantly do. Whenever you feel like your world is breaking apart, you lie to yourself and say things are okay. 


9. You spend your entire day doing something you hate

Gone are the days when you did things that made you happy. Now, you're probably stuck in a job you hate, but you're too tired to change it, so you continue doing what you do because moving on from this job sounds like a huge challenge to you. 

10. People take advantage of you easily

Since you're gullible, people always make the best use of you. They know you can't say no to them, so they put you in tricky situations and make sure that you say yes to them. They get their way with it, guilt-free, when all you're left with is regret of having not said no. 


11. You have let toxic people into your life and they drain you

Because you feel like there is no one in your life that you can trust or count on, anyone who shows you otherwise, even if they don't mean it, earns a spot in your life. These are toxic people who are there just to gain a lot from your life and leave you feeling lonelier and emptier than before. 

12. You feel weak and exhausted physically

No matter where you are, you always feel weak and tired. This applies to you even if you've just woken up. You have no energy or enthusiasm for anything and you want to just get through the day somehow, without being bothered about how you do it. 


13. You make quite a few unhealthy choices

Because you're always tired, you don't really get out of your house. You stick to your couch, in front of the tv and simply keep watching something on it, while you stuff your face with a bunch of unhealthy food. 

14. You're always stuck in a web of fear

You are constantly in fear about the future. As much as you're tired and exhausted, you're equally worried about what's going to happen to you tomorrow. You don't want life to spring surprises on you, and that's something that worries you the most. 


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