Oldest Living President Jimmy Carter, 94, Granted Tenure At University After 37 Years Of Teaching!

Oldest Living President Jimmy Carter, 94, Granted Tenure At University After 37 Years Of Teaching!

Emory University announced, "With this honor, he becomes the first tenured faculty member at Emory to hold a Nobel Prize and the first tenured faculty member to have been a U.S. President."

The 39th President of the United States, Jimmy Carter has dedicated more than three decades of his life towards teaching the students at Emory University. On Monday the Atlanta-based private university announced their decision to grant Tenure to the 94-year-old, reported CNN. "With this honor, he becomes the first tenured faculty member at Emory to hold a Nobel Prize and the first tenured faculty member to have been a U.S. President," said Emory University in a statement.


"The principle undergirding tenure -- which essentially means a continuous post as a professor -- is to preserve academic freedom for those who teach and pursue research in higher education," the statement continued. The former Georgia Governor and President of the U.S. have been actively taking part in services benefiting the society ever since his Presidency came to an end and the announcement of his tenure draws our attention towards his distinguished role as a committed Emory professor for the last 37 years. 


Apart from imparting the knowledge to the future generation, Carter, along with his Rosalynn partnered with Emory and set up the Carter Center in Atlanta. The website states its mission as: "The Carter Center, in partnership with Emory University, is guided by a fundamental commitment to human rights and the alleviation of human suffering. It seeks to prevent and resolve conflicts, enhance freedom and democracy, and improve health." The establishment works towards breaking new grounds instead of duplicating the hard work of others. 


Emory University also posted a video on its website on Monday along with the announcement. The former President is seen conversing with Claire Sterk, the President of Emory University. In the video, the former Democratic is asked to mention a particular field that he thinks should be the prime focus of the current generation of students. To this, he warns everyone about global warming and its consequences and urges students to prepare and work towards helping the environment.


In addition to that, he's asked about the current Democratic Presidential primary and to that Carter replies that he just had "three of the 20 or so Democrats come down to my Sunday school classes" so far. Furthermore, he explains how simply advised all of them to think about the common good irrespective of which party they belong to. "I just advise them all, you're not only the President of Democrats, but you're President of Democrats and Republicans," he said. "You're the President of poor people and wealthy people. You're the President of law-abiding citizens and those who happen to be in prison, and so you can't play favorites."


This year Carter became the oldest living President of the United States and in May he was released from the hospital after undergoing a hip surgery which he sustained due to a fall at his home in Plains, Georgia. According to PEOPLE, the former commander-in-chief's spokeswoman said, "President Carter said his main concern is that turkey season ends this week, and he has not reached his limit." Even with his health being an obstacle, he couldn't stop himself from breaking this news with a rather light-hearted tone."


"He hopes the State of Georgia will allow him to roll over the unused limit to next year," continued the spokeswomen, Apart from teaching regularly there' something else that Carter is very passionate about. The ex-President enjoys taking some time out of his busy schedule to go hunting and the day he injured his hip, he was on his way out on one such trip. The former political leader's recent hunting partner seems to be the Jordan family. A picture posted by Tyler Jordan on his Instagram account shows how the enthusiastic hunter has been enjoying his day.


The post read: 94 years old and still bustin’ beaks! An unforgettable morning in the woods with President Carter at Realtree Farms. Following this post, Jordan posted another one witing, 39 is back for more action. The hip surgery seems like a minor hindrance in Carter's way as the Nobel Peace Prize winner has seen worse as he overcame critical conditions like liver and brain cancer in 2015. Right after his 90th birthday in 2014, he told PEOPLE, "I stayed busy every year and I intend to stay busy as long as I’m physically and mentally able. I feel a lot younger … I feel maybe 60, 70." Gerald Rafshoon, the former White House adviser and a close friend expressed, "He never stops," talking about Carter. 


"He was 52 when he became President. He was 56 when he left the Presidency, and I remember after the re-election loss he was planning his next stop and he wasn’t going to be inactive," he continued. Rafshoon seems to have judged him right. Carter has accomplished so many things in his life and the news of his tenure just adds to his lists of achievements. We hope he stays strong and continued breaking new grounds.


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