Former President Jimmy Carter And Wife Rosalynn Celebrate 73 Years Of Marriage And Love

Former President Jimmy Carter And Wife Rosalynn Celebrate 73 Years Of Marriage And Love

The couple got married in 1946 and have now completed 73 years of marriage. They are all set to break the record of the longest-living Presidential couple which is currently held by George and Barbara Bush.

The former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and First Lady  Rosalynn Carter celebrated their 73rd marriage anniversary this Sunday reports PEOPLE. The former presidential couple slowly approached the record for the longest living presidential couple which is currently held by former President George H. W. Bush and his wife Barbara, who completed 73 years, 3 months and 11 days of marriage in 2018 after which Mrs. Bush passed away on April 17, 2018. Celebrating this story of love, Carter Center and Jimmy Carter Presidential Library posted a throwback picture of the enduring couple.


During an interview with The Washington Post, the 94-year-old WWII veteran recalled meeting his better half at the Plains United Methodist Church, situated in Plains, Georgia. After returning from the  Naval Academy, a young Carter approached Eleanor Rosalynn Smith and asked her out for a movie. Of course, the two had a wonderful first date, and the following day he told his mother that he was going to marry  Rosalynn. Looks like the movie date was all Carter needed to know for sure that Rosalynn was the one for him. To this, his 91-year-old wife said, "I didn’t know that for years."


A 21-year-old Carter married, 18-year-old Rosalynn at a Methodist church on July 7, 1946. It was also the same year when Carter graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy and had to spend most of his time away from his family. In his autobiography, A Full Life: Reflections At Ninety he wrote: I was at sea a lot during those early years, and trusted [Rosalynn] to manage our family budget and finances and to make most of the decisions about household affairs and raising our children. He then explained how the couple became "real partners in every aspect of our lives" during his campaigning years. 


When she joined me in political campaigning — always appearing without me — she was effective in securing support from doubtful voters, and I soon realized that people were more inclined to express their beliefs or concerns to her than to me. … [S]he liked the entire political process more than I did, wrote Carter. The two share four wonderful children - three sons and one daughter. They have also become the proud grandparents to three granddaughters, eight grandsons, and two great-grandsons.


The Democrat also shared an intimate expression of love that he shares with his wife. "'I love you the goodest.' That’s what my mother and daddy used to say back and forth, and I picked it up with Rosa," said Carter about the acronym "ILYTG" he had coined. This monogram was also inscribed in one of the compacts he presented his lovely wife and is now displayed at the  Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum situated Atlanta.


The couple has had a few health scares, especially the one when doctors diagnosed Carter with a rare form of cancer in his brain and liver back in 2015. "We thought life was over for me. I think that having been together for 69 years obviously made it easier for us to weather that storm of emotions," said Jimmy Carter in 2016.   

Sharing the secret behind their long-surviving marriage the couple told PEOPLE how they constantly provide each other the space they need.  Also, their passion for service is something they have always had in common. They also founded Carter Center in 1982, which was aimed at bringing peace and improving the health of people all around the world. For "his decades of untiring effort to find peaceful solutions to international conflicts, to advance democracy and human rights, and to promote economic and social development," Jimmy Carter received the Nobel Prize in 2002. 


As for his wife, the former First Lady of the country, she has been advocating the need for mental health checkup policies. Through her 'Rosalynn Carter Georgia Mental Health Forum' which was established in 1995, she had been addressing numerous issues pertaining to mental health policy issues. According to WSBTV, Rosalynn received a special award last year for her dedicated efforts to improving mental health issues all across the globe. "I have worked on mental health for 47 years, and I plan to make it to 50," she said.


94-year-old Carter who was recently named the oldest living former U.S. President a few months ago is living a loving life back at their Georgia ranch, which they owned before Carter entered the White House. Not only is the Carter couple known for being the oldest, but also the most modest of all Presidential couples. Apart from choosing the least expensive presidential office, he also takes the smallest pension. The couple even flies commercial! The two never shies away from revealing their love for each other and this Valentine's Day was a proof. While witnessing the Atlanta Hawks game, they were caught in the "Kiss Cam" and the Presidential couple did not hesitate to reveal their love of each other with a kiss.


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