Former President Jimmy Carter Caught Kissing Wife Of 72 Years On NBA Kiss Cam

Former President Jimmy Carter Caught Kissing Wife Of 72 Years On NBA Kiss Cam

Former President Jimmy Carter and wife Rosalynn were caught on the promotional kiss cam during the Hawks-Knicks game on Valentine's day last Thursday.

e all know the popular promotional kiss cam that zoomed around merrily during NBA games. On Valentine's day (last Thursday), former president Jimmy Carter was caught on the kiss cam, during the NBA game between the Atlanta Hawks and the New York Knicks. The former president's Valentine has not changed for over 70 years and this year, the 94-year-old and his wife shared another loving kiss in the middle of the NBA game. In the video, the two can be seen sitting in the stands at Atlanta's State Farm Arena on Thursday, watching the exciting game between the Hawks and the Knicks.  The promotional cam went around and then stopped at Carter and his wife after which the announcer said, “President Carter and Rosalynn, can we get a kiss cam?”. Of course, the two did not hesitate at all. It was Valentine's day, the day of love and who knows love better than the couple that has been together for over half a century. 

Jimmy Carter, 94 and his wife Rosalynn, 91, have been married since July 1946. Carter served as the 39th president of the United States. His tenure lasted from 1977 to 1981. The couple is also known for starting the Cater Center in 1982, which is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that aims towards advancing human life, alleviating human suffering, and improving the quality of life for people in over 80 different countries. Things are still going pretty well for the former president as he won his third Grammy earlier this month in the "Best Spoken Word Album" category for his audiobook, Faith: A Journey For All.


So 73 years of marriage? That is one long journey together! There are always ups and downs in a relationship but it's about understanding and being there for each other that really keeps the relationship going. Sometimes, you need more than just love. During Oprah's SuperSoul Sunday in 2016, the couple shared their secret to staying together for so long. Jimmy Carter mentioned that he knew that he was going to marry Rosalynn right after their first date. It has been over seven decades and judging by the moment they shared together on the kissing cam, they are still very much in love.


During the interview, Jimmy Carter said that Rosalynn was the right one for him and that's the first thing he knew. Carter said, "And then, we decided fairly early in our life to give each other plenty of space. Rosalynn has her own ideas, her own ambitions, her own goals in life, which, in some ways, are different from mine. I let her do her thing; she lets me do my thing. And we try to resolve our inevitable and fairly frequent differences before we go to bed at night. And I think reading the Bible at night helps with that."


So the key is not only growing together but also growing as individuals. At the same time, making sure that you don't grow apart. Carter mentioned that even though you are trying to be as independent as possible you should never stop experiencing things as a couple. “We try to find all the things that we’d like to do together,” he says. “Sometimes things we’ve never done before.” For example, the Caters picked downhill skiing as a hobby that they do together every year for over a decade now. “I was 62 years old before I ever put on a pair of skis,” he says. “And we are avid fly fishers. That’s our main source of recreation.”


Carter also mentioned that pillow talking before they fall asleep every night is very important. They always talk about family. The couple has raised 4 children together - Jack, Chip, Jeff, and Amy. “We have not only our 4 children, but we have twelve grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren now,” he says. This year the couple will be celebrating their 73rd anniversary together. After all that the couple has achieved together, Carter claims that marrying Rosalynn as the best thing he has ever done.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

So how did they end up together? Carter's sister Ruth and Rosalynn were best friends during their childhood. As teenagers, they often tried to pair Rosalynn up with Carter whenever he came back home from the U.S. Naval Academy. The girls finally succeeded in 1945 when Carter's planned date for the evening got caught up at a family reunion. The very next morning, Carter told his mother that Rosalynn Smith was the girl he was going to marry. According to Jimmy Carter's book, A Full Life (which was released in 2015), the first time he asked for Rosalynn's hand in marriage, she declined.


The reason she said 'no' initially was that she had promised her father that she would finish college before his death and she meant to keep her word. However, Carter persisted through several letters and phone calls. She eventually accepted. The couple has been together ever since. Their love story is something everyone looks up to. To see them still so much in love after spending over 7 decades together. 




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