Lack Of Thoughts And Prayers The 'Single Biggest' Cause Of Mass Shootings, Says Mike Huckabee

Lack Of Thoughts And Prayers The 'Single Biggest' Cause Of Mass Shootings, Says Mike Huckabee

Following the mass shooting incidents in El Paso and Dayton, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee remarked that a 'lack of thoughts and prayers' is the reason behind the mass shootings.

The entire country is in outrage following multiple mass shooting that took place last weekend. Claims of hate-terror and absurd gun laws remain the focus in the aftermath of these two horrifying attacks. However, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee made a rather odd statement on Monday.

The former Republican governor seemed to be of the opinion that lack of thoughts and prayers was the single biggest factor behind mass shootings in general.  



Huckabee, who ran for the Republican presidential nominee in 2008 (losing to John McCain) and in 2016 (losing to current POTUS Donald Trump) wrote a blog post on his website saying "Despite all those who are denouncing the idea of prayers for the victims ... I will continue to pray for the victims and their families and for an end to this mindless violence, and I hope you will, too,".

"In fact, amid all the finger-pointing and blame-laying and repulsive attempts to turn these tragedies to political advantage before the bodies are even cold, I would posit that the lack of thought and prayers is probably the single biggest factor in what is behind them," he continued.





The former governor also made it clear from his part that most if not all the reasons and justifications that politicians and the public have given with regards to the shootings aren't able to withstand critical scrutiny. He was first and foremost in defense of President Trump and lashed out at the people who blame him, his administration or his policies for the unfortunate events that took place over the weekend.

He then explained from his point of view as to why these attacks weren't in any way related to President Trump or the Republican party's rhetoric by any means. Huckabee remained steadfast in the belief that both the attacks were perpetrated by individuals who neither support Trump nor the Right Wing. 

“Beto” O’Rourke immediately tried to blame President Trump for the El Paso shooting, accusing him of being an “open, avowed racist” and “white nationalist” who is inciting racism and violence.  For example, he said Trump called Mexicans “rapists and criminals.” Except that Trump didn’t do that. That story has been debunked repeatedly. Trump called MS-13 gang members rapists and criminals, and that’s true. I also don’t see how someone who has repeatedly denied being racist can be an “open, avowed racist.”  He wrote on the blog.



Unfortunately for Huckabee, the notion that 'thoughts and prayers' help the prevention of such events have been publicly dismissed by many prominent politicians. Senator Cory Booker, for instance, said back in May that advocating for "thoughts and prayers" in response to gun violence was "bulls**t".

And more recently, in the aftermath of the El Paso shooting incident, Representative Rashida Tlaib of Michigan replied to Ivanka Trump's tweet on "our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims and others affected" by saying "your prayers aren't working" before proceeding to criticize her father President Trump over his alleged racist rhetoric. 





Huckabee concluded his post by making a statement on the Dayton, Ohio shooting. "As for the Dayton shooter, he reportedly described himself on Twitter as a far-left Democrat and Elizabeth Warren supporter who praised Satan was upset by Trump’s election, and was impatient for socialism to come.  Classmates described him as a bully who liked to threaten women.  One of his deceased victims was his own sister," he wrote. 


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