Melania Sacrificed Supermodel Career And Learned To "Worship Materialism" To Be "Despot's Wife"

Melania Sacrificed Supermodel Career And Learned To "Worship Materialism" To Be "Despot's Wife"

With time Melania learned to "worship materialism" as it was the only way to qualify and carry out the role of Donald Trump's wife.

Image Source: Getty Images/Photo by Tasos Katopodis

First Lady Melania Trump didn't become "a despot's wife" overnight but it took years of sacrifice for her to obliterate her career as an elite supermodel. With time Melania learned to "worship materialism" as it was the only way to qualify for and carry out the role. The author of 'The Trump Women: Part of the Deal,' Nina Burleigh came to this conclusion after reviewing Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post journalist Mary Jordan's biography 'The Art of Her Deal: The Untold Story of Melania Trump' which revealed explosive details about Melaniat's past. In an op-ed for NBC News, Burleigh referred to Jordan's book while noting what it took for America's current First Lady to be in agreement with an authoritarian. 


Speaking about the successful strategy and personality Melania had employed, Burleigh said that she made sure to remind Trump’s detractors that he was "a real man" while defending her husband. During a 1999 interview with Howard Stern, she glorified Trump's talents in the bedroom and comfortably answered the racy questions posed by the host. The piece further explains how Melania had to make huge sacrifices, including reducing herself from a self-made woman to a trophy wife just so she could enjoy the luxuries her husband has been providing her with to date. 


Many are not aware of the fact that Melania stayed home for months after her breakup with Trump at the end of 1999. She did not date anyone during this period just so she could lure him back, revealed Jordan in her book. It is known that she used to date a Frenchman who gifted her a car, but the mother-of-one gave up her past lovers just so she could be with Donald Trump. "Discretion is the better part of valor, especially when power relies on branding. The FLOTUS has it in spades," wrote Burleigh, adding how Melania systematically erased her personal history by cutting off her close friends and mentors after moving from Slovenia to New York. 


Providing a reason for it, Burleigh continued how authoritarians require facts to be "malleable." Noting the second requirement, she wrote that Melania needed to be comfortable with all the fabrications and lies of her husband. After Trump was elected as the President, her photos from her apparently successful modeling career had been scrubbed clean from the internet. That's why her career as an elite "supermodel" has been so difficult to establish, however, there is evidence of her working as a catalog model. But if someone was to look for the pictures of the photoshoots, they would definitely turn up empty-handed, except a few like the popular faux lesbian shoot which was first published in the French lad mag Max. 


The final requirement to be an autocratic wife, according to Burleigh, is to "worship materialism above all" and Melania surely knew how to do it. "She always thought if something had a bright price tag on it, it was beautiful," Matthew Atanian, Melania's former roommate told Jordan. "Knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing, as Oscar Wilde defined the cynic, also proved a blind spot that hurt her modeling career." She couldn’t "transform the clothes," said Atanian. She further explained how the FLOTUS's affinity for an extravagant lifestyle was pretty evident ever since she moved into the White House. "Melania doesn’t bother to hide her devotion to the trappings of Trump's lavish lifestyle," she explained. "Her apparent unconcern with the cruelty that is this administration’s hallmark are clear in her White House priorities, beginning of course with the installation of the 'glam room' and including her shell of a project, 'Be Best.'"


Concluding the piece, Burleigh applauded the 'Art Of Her Deal' author for her brilliant work. "Jordan deftly, and without an agenda, decodes Melania. The cold, determined woman revealed is practiced in deception, deeply attached to splendor, seemingly unconcerned by racism, oblivious to the suffering of the working people from whose ranks she flew, and instinctive about bolstering male power. She is not Elena Ceauşescu(to whose younger self Melania bears a strong physical resemblance), building a glittering palace with billions in stolen Romanian public money and slave labor. But this revealing portrait confirms that she might join the pantheon," she said.

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