Florida Deputy Slams Restrained Girl On To The Floor With Such Force Her That Her Head Bounced

Florida Deputy Slams Restrained Girl On To The Floor With Such Force Her That Her Head Bounced

The deputy arrived to break up a fight between the teen and another girl.

Source: Twitter/Loulunevy

Trigger warning: This report contains details of police brutality and racial violence that readers may find disturbing

After reading all the reports of brutality and unwarranted killings officers seem to carry out with impunity, it seems like the police are in need of serious reform, possibly even abolition. The worst part of this is they rarely get the punishment they deserve unless the case gains attention on an international scale—like in the case of George Floyd. Even then, officers continue to assault, abuse, and murder people without caring for the lives they destroy. In a fresh case, a deputy in Florida slammed a school student onto the concrete floor and handcuffed her as hundreds from the school stood by and watched in horror, NBC News reports. In the many videos circulating on social media, we see Deputy Ethan Fournier, a school resource officer, holding the girl's hands behind her as he slams her onto the concrete floor at the walkway at Liberty High School in Kissimmee.



The girl's head hits the ground before bouncing back up and she goes limp instantly, resting her head on the hard ground as the officer cuffs her while another towers over her.  According to ABC News, the student, identified as Taylor Bracey, 16, is "traumatized" and is suffering from headaches, blurry vision, memory loss, and sleep deprivation, per a press briefing her mother gave on Saturday. Speaking to the press outside the Osceola County Sheriff's Office, Jamesha Bracey said: "She's depressed, I'm depressed. We all are traumatized about what happened. I think, if this was a white girl, would this have happened to the white child?" Ben Crump, the civil rights attorney, representing the family added that the girl was knocked unconscious by the incident and that she suffered a concussion. He's supposed to be trained," he said.



"It's foreseeable that children may get in altercations at school. You're not supposed to knock them unconscious. You're supposed to be the person who knows how to de-escalate the situation. It's just mind-boggling. This is the adultification of Black children -- that our children are seen as adults," he added. "No, no, this was a child." The incident took place on Tuesday in the school's hallway when Fournier stepped in to break up a fight Taylor was involved in with another student. Sheriff Marcos Lopez also issued his statement during a press briefing on Wednesday, and said: "The student was not complying with lawful commands." The teen's mom revealed that her daughter told her "some girls wanted to jump her after school" the day the incident took place. Crump accused the Fournier of not giving the girl medical attention while Lopez argued that she did.



Since the story has gained national attention, the sheriff's office has handed a criminal investigation to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to ensure the incident is "completely independent of our agency. He added: "We want to make sure it's a complete, thorough investigation without my influence in this case." Fournier has since been put on administrative leave till the results of the investigation arrive, with further action expected to be taken when the outcome is determined. In a statement to ABC News, Osceola School District spokesperson Dana Schafer, said: "It has been a difficult week for Liberty High students and staff. The entire staff and administration of Liberty High School remain committed to ensuring that we have a safe and positive learning environment for all students."



The violent incident has since prompted students to bandy together to create a Change.org petition to have the Deputy fired. "The victim could've died in this situation and the deputy shouldn't be able to walk away from this without any proper action taken to punish him," the campaign read. "This deputy has a known history of not being able to handle situations with students in a proper manner, he is known for pepper-spraying kids at school whenever a situation gets out of hand instead of properly detaining them." So far, over 5,000 people have signed the petition against the 7.5k target set by the petitioner.



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