You Can Now Live A Dreamy Life Bartending At A Floating Bar In The Middle Of The Carribean!

You Can Now Live A Dreamy Life Bartending At A Floating Bar In The Middle Of The Carribean!

Floyd's Pelican Bar situated a mile from the land is offering a bartender-position that one can only dream of.

Floyd's Pelican Bar has a job vacancy which is the opportunity of a lifetime. This wooden shack-looking bar in Jamaica is offering a "dream job" for one lucky bartender reports CNN. Although it's a temporary position that won't last long, it sure would look amazing on that resume. This exclusive Jamaican bar that is only accessible by a boat is seeking a winner to "pull pints in one of the most Instagrammable drinking spots in the world," reported CNN.


Since the origin of this bar, it's owner Floyd Forbes, has taken care of all the orders and has personally served each of his customers for the past eighteen years. In spite of being a publicity stunt, the owner himself was seeking a break from all the hard work according to a UK travel company, Virgin Holidays, who were the working force behind the creation of this advertisement.


The position lays wide open for any bartender residing in the United Kingdom while the ad further lists the amenities it would be providing. From funding the flight tickets to providing a seven-night accommodation the offer looks nice and flashy. The job involves serving local drinks like piña coladas and rum punches to the customers. Furthermore, the job requires the bartender to have chat with the locals and tourists who comes over for a drink while "throwing the occasional fish to the resident pelicans," as they were the real inspiration behind the name of the bar.


Besides the above-mentioned requirements, they further seek a person who would be able to take care of the playlist and flash a smile at every boat that passes by. After all, the would require the best to take over Floyd's Pelican Bar, which is known as one of the coolest watering holes in the world. Due to its popularity amongst the local residents and tourists, they are looking for someone who is best suited for the task. Surely, this once in a lifetime opportunity provides a view that something you wouldn't want to miss out on.


Due to its private location, one has to take a boat from either Black River, Treasure Beach or Parottee Point to get to this wooden establishment situation a mile away from land. CNN reports the place was a floating bar was first created in 2001 by Forbes who used to be a local fisherman. Apparently, he had a dream about a bar that rose above the ocean, a place where he could spend some time having fun with his pals.


Unfortunately, the original establishment was turned to ruins during Hurrican Ivan in 2004. Forbes was lucky enough to have the support of his local community who did not hesitate to come forward and lend a hand in building the place back up. After this all Forbes did was invest his time towards the smooth running of his bar. He could hardly take some time out for himself, up until now. 


Of course, it's a big decision for Forbes to take alone and that's why he won't be alone in this process. Jodie Kidd, a former model and pub owner, will also have a say in choosing the temporary cover. Thankful for the opportunity to judge the applicants she says, "This is an incredible chance for anyone looking to combine the best job in the world with one of the best overseas destinations -- and giving a local legend a well-deserved holiday -- so what are you waiting for?"


Apart from the to and fro economy class  Virgin Atlantic flight tickets plus a seven-night accommodation in Jamaica the candidate will also get an amount of £1,000 ($1,150) to spend on during their stay. Now could this get any better? Yes, it can because the successful candidate would also earn a trial shift at Floyd's Pelican Bar. Now that's the dream for any bartender! Here's the link to the actual ad and if you wish to participate you can simply do. 


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