Cruel Stepfather Throws 5-Year-Old Boy Out Of Window For Disturbing His T.V. Show

Cruel Stepfather Throws 5-Year-Old Boy Out Of Window For Disturbing His T.V. Show

The 5-year-old boy named Sergey remains in a severe condition after suffering closed head injury, fractures to his skull, abdominal injuries, cuts and bruises all over his body.

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Trigger warning: This report contains details of parental assault against a minor that readers may find disturbing

In yet another horrifying incident, a boy was left fighting for his life after his ruthless stepfather threw him out of the apartment window just for disturbing him a little during his television show. The 5-year-old boy, who is only identified as Sergey, had to be rushed to the intensive care as he suffered a fractured skull during the unfortunate event that unfolded in the city of  Bila Tserkva, central Ukraine. Sergey, who was living with his mother, stepdad, and twin brother in the apartment where the heartwrenching incident took place, had just woken up after having an afternoon nap when he approached his stepfather and asked him if he could sit on his lap. 



The 39-year-old stepfather, who remains anonymous for legal reasons, responded to this by pushing away the child as he had apparently interrupted his television show. However, Sergey decided to approach the man once again and ask the same thing. Unfortunately, he was unaware of the anger that his stepdad was about to unleash on him. As the boy asked him if he could sit on his lap again, the 39-year old flew into a rage, grabbed him, and allegedly threw the child out of the window of their home situated in an apartment block. "The stepfather was watching a T.V. show when the boy asked to take him on his lap. After being distracted, the man went into rage and threw the child out of the window," said police spokeswoman Alina Zadorozhna.



Sergey fell headfirst onto the tarmac and began bleeding profusely from his injured head. This appalling scene was witnessed by many neighbors who were left shocked to see the child fall from the apartment, reports The Sun. Their next door neighbor Inna Bieva recalled seeing the injured child. "I heard the sound of broken glass then sobbing. When I looked out of my window, I saw the boy," said Bieva. "He was lying on the tarmac and bleeding. He had a huge cut on his head. I called an ambulance and the police." Witnesses say Sergey's mother arrived immediately to tend to her son and carried her injured child home. 



Eventually, paramedics arrived at the scene but the mother refused to let them in and examine the wounded boy. But after police officers arrived, they managed to enter the ground floor apartment through a broken window and rescue the child. According to reports, the mother even attempted to cover up the incident. As for the step-father, he fled the scene immediately after the incident but thanks to the police, who acted fast, the culprit was located and placed under arrest in no time. Sadly, Sergey's twin brother had also witnessed the scarring episode. 

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After examining the child, the head of the Second Kyiv Regional Children’s Hospital, Natalia Bigari, revealed how critical Sergey's condition was. "The boy’s condition is severe. He sporadically regains consciousness then passes out again and is under constant monitoring," explained Bigari, who also said that the boy had a fractured skull among other injuries. "He has closed head injury, fractures to his skull, abdominal injuries, cuts and bruises all over his body," she continued. Authorities immediately launched an attempted murder investigation against the stepfather who is currently in custody. If found guilty of the charges against him, he could serve jail time of up to 15 years. 

The news comes just days after a California mother was placed under arrest and charged with felony child abuse charges after her stepdaughter died in their home. 38-year-old Takiesha Williams was arrested earlier this week after her 7-year-old stepdaughter Billie Williams died, reports the Stockton Police Department. According to Fox 40, the child was found unresponsive in the garage during a welfare check conducted by the cops. Eventually, she was pronounced dead at the scene, her family’s home on Candlewood Way near Ravenwood Drive. 


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