Five Reasons Why Librans Are The Most Committed In Relationships

Five Reasons Why Librans Are The Most Committed In Relationships

They'll love you like there's no tomorrow!

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People born between September 23 – October 22 fall under the zodiac sign Libra. The two scales in their symbol represent balance, along with peace. This means that Libras are people who have hearts as big as the world and they only think about helping others around them without expecting anything in return. They care deeply about their friends and family and will move mountains to keep them happy. Also, they will avoid conflict as much as they can, not because they're cowards, but just because it's something they don't really feel comfortable about. Just to avoid a spat, they will go with the flow.

However, some people do take advantage of the fact that Libras can't stay 'no', and since they always put others first, they are often hurt by their own actions. Having a Libra as a friend is fun, especially because they don't come with a lot of demands, and are easy-going. They're not someone to go out and make a lot of friends, they have a few and those are the ones they'll cherish. But, when it comes to relationships, there's no one like a Libra! They make wonderful partners, especially in the long run because they're quite loyal, loving, and supportive. Here are five reasons you've struck gold if you're dating a Libra. 

1. Loyalty runs through their veins


If you're dating a Libra, then you have nothing to worry about. They are fiercely loyal and will never get into a relationship just for the sake of it. If they're dating you, it means that they're in it for the real deal. All they ask for in return is the same sincerity so they know that they're not wasting their time or energy. If it ever comes to a situation where someone speaks ill about you, a Libra will defend you without hesitation.

2. They're happy when people around them are happy


Happiness is all that matters to them, especially of the ones around them, which means their friends and family. They can't stand it when their loved ones shed a tear, because it breaks their heart. They will go above and beyond to make sure their loved ones have a smile on their face at all times. They will also give them everything they want and much more, without expecting anything in return. 

3. They love with all their heart


They only have space for love in their heart. They know nothing else. If you want someone to shower you with unconditional love, then look no further. They don't hold back and expect nothing but the bare minimum from you. The only language they know is of love and will always pick love over hate. They will never abandon you, even if the going gets tough. It's all or nothing to them. 

4. They are hopeless romantics


If you want to woo a Libra, then go all out. Flowers, hearts, gifts, the works. Romcoms have gotten their hopes and standards too high for you to get away with a simple dinner date. Songs, poems, and posters are a given when you're in a relationship with them. 

5. They hate arguments and conflicts


Another positive aspect is that a Libra will never judge without taking both sides into consideration. This means that they are actually quite practical, causing fewer issues at home when there is a disagreement. If they catch themselves in the midst of a tiff, they will walk away and come back only when things calm down. This, honestly is the best way to deal with conflicts. Now, you know why they're said to be the best, don't you?

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