Loving Wife Remarries Husband With Dementia After He Forgot About Their First Wedding

Loving Wife Remarries Husband With Dementia After He Forgot About Their First Wedding

Bill Duncan, 72, had forgotten his first marriage with wife Anne, 70. After being convinced that she was his new girlfriend, he popped the question.

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A couple recently tied the knot for the second time but it wasn't in celebration of the first. 72-year-old Bill Duncan had forgotten his first wedding with his lovely wife Anne, 70, and after being convinced that she was his new girlfriend, he popped the question. According to Fox News, the pair has been together for almost 20 years and married for 13. But sadly, Bill has forgotten parts of their blissful life together due to dementia. Although he struggles to communicate, he made it a point to ask his beloved Anne to marry him consistently. Following his incessant requests, a devoted Anne agreed, and the two exchanged marital vows once again in an emotional garden ceremony held at their home in Aberdeen.



Speaking with the Real Fix podcast, which features people who share their extraordinary stories with the world, Anne said, "He absolutely hasn't known my name for a long time. He always used to call me darling anyway." Then over the last 12 months, something unexpected happened. "But all that had gone over the last 12 months. So this is why this was so unexpected and so amazing." After agreeing to tie the knot with her husband again, the bride proposed a plan. "So I just said 'ok, that would be lovely Bill'. And he said 'ok, well when can we do it?' I said, 'well the girls are coming around on Saturday, do you want to do it then and he said yes," she recounted. 


"It really and truly was the most beautiful and unexpected event ever," shared Anne adding that her husband is still completely smitten by her to this day despite them being married for years now. Apparently, the ceremony left the two with "honeymoon" vibes which lasted for several weeks after. "We had what I called 'the wedding effect,' which lasted about six weeks," she explained. "Most people thought it would last a few days at the most, and it didn't; it lasted about six weeks." The adorable couple met in 2001 while Bill was performing as an entertainer and magician in Aberdeen. After dating each other for a few years they tied the knot in 2007 and welcomed their daughter Andrea. 



But their happily ever after did not last for long as Bill began acting differently three years later. The concerned wife noticed that Bill would often forget things and after consulting a doctor, they were received the most devastating news of their lives. Bill had been diagnosed with dementia but Anne knew she had to be his pillar of support and stayed with him every step of the way. She began caring for him full time and painfully watched as her husband forgot the precious memories they created together. Over time, he began struggling to even talk to her. That's why when Bill popped the question "out of the blue" it came as a huge shock to Anne, who assumed he would forget about it later.


Thankfully that wasn't the case and he began asking her every day until they finally remarried in August 2019. "I would say to him 'Bill, can you remember I'm your new wife?' and he would just hug me and pat me on my back and shower me with kisses," she said of their new relationship. "It was just a completely unexpected wonderful miracle." The proposal came after the pair attended a family member's wedding a month prior to it. "We'd been to a family member's wedding earlier in the month, and clearly it touched Bill as he turned to me not long after and said that he wanted to be with me forever," she said in episode five of the podcast. The ceremony was a success as they got married in the presence of their close friends and family. "He had no idea that we were already married. The fact he did what he did was nothing short of a miracle," shared Anne. 

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