First Lady Melania Snubs President Trump Yet Again When He Tries To Hold Her Hand

First Lady Melania Snubs President Trump Yet Again When He Tries To Hold Her Hand

The incident occurred as the Trumps arrived at Joint Base Andrews in Washington DC after spending the weekend in New Jersey.

Cover Image Source: Getty/ Barron Trump, US President Donald Trump and First lady Melania Trump walk on the South Lawn of the White House on August 16 in Washington, DC.

Adding fuel to years of speculation about President Donald Trump and first lady Melania's relationship, critics recently spotted yet another instance some awkwardness between the first couple. The Trump matriarch was once again caught on camera seemingly refusing to hold her husband Donald's hand as they were stepping down from Air Force One on Sunday. The incident — which got Twitterati cracking all kinds of jokes — occurred as the Trumps arrived at Joint Base Andrews in Washington DC after spending the weekend in New Jersey, reports Daily Mail.



In videos making the rounds of the internet, President Trump, first lady Melania, and their son Barron are seen descending the stairs of Air Force One when the 74-year-old attempts to hold his wife's hand (even though it was occupied with a bag). However — despite him reaching for her hand at least twice before retracting and whispering something to her — Melania keeps her hand away as she tries to keep her skirt from flying up in the heavy winds. President Trump's persistence and the first lady's refusal to indulge him did not go unnoticed online as netizens both famous and otherwise speculated and joked on what the interaction could mean.



"Welcome to the resistance FLOTUS," tweeted Fernand R Armandi, seemingly suggesting that Melania might be ready to jump ship in the upcoming elections and vote for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden instead of Trump. Countless chimed in with their own funny responses to the awkward incident with Twitter user @zakmckrakken writing: "What sort of simpleton would reach for her hand on a windy/wet day, while she was going down stairs, and with a HANDBAG in her hand??" Another user, @LiesLiars1, tweeted: "She can’t stand him so much, she’d rather roll down the steps in order to avoid him. And he can't even let his kid go before him into the helicopter."



Meanwhile, journalist Aaron Rupar wrote: "Hard not to notice Trump repeatedly trying to hold Melania’s hand on their way down the steps and her having none of it." Several others speculated about how well things are between the first couple, with actor George Takei simply writing "Oh dear" and Brian Tyler Cohen — journalist and founder of Occupy Democrats — wrote: "She really really doesn't like him." Twitter user @billyliberty commented: "It's amazing that Melania can't even pretend to like Trump for a few seconds, but she wants no part of his hand."



Although much has been said about the Trumps' relationship, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff — a longtime friend of Melania's — told The Washington Post in 2018 that Melania and Trump are simply not interested in a public show of affection. "She is a dignified, private person, and she’ll deal with her personal life in private and it’s no one’s business," said Wolkoff. "They are not that couple that holds hands just because; she is old-world European and it’s not who she is." Having said that, in a later photograph it's clear Donald Trump did get to hold Melania's hand in the end.



Of course, this is not the first time the Trumps have been filmed during similar awkward interactions. Back in 2017, the internet got talking about the awkwardness between the couple when the President went to hold his wife's hand as they step off a plane in Rome, only to be ignored. Instead of letting the moment pass without further incident, Trump appeared to then settle for grabbing Melania's butt instead.



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