You Can Now Get Phallic Chili Plant To Spice Up Your Kitchen And People Are Loving It!

You Can Now Get Phallic Chili Plant To Spice Up Your Kitchen And People Are Loving It!

Firebox has now released spicy penis-shaped 'Grow a Dick' Willy Chili plants that you can easily grow at home for consumption.

What happens when you take ordinary peppers and grow them in a way that resembles male genitalia? You get Firebox's 'Grow a Dick' Willy Chilly Peppers! Sounds crazy right? These original inventions by Firebox are really on another level. This is without a doubt the spiciest way to tell someone to 'grow a d*ck'.

Coming in at $12.99, Firebox's 'Grow a Dick' chili peppers are very phallic-looking once they've been planted and grown. Regardless of whether you're a curious cat or just looking to have some fun, this seems like the perfect gift to get your best friend on their birthday! 



All you need to do is add water to the planter it comes with. The chili that's used in the box is a fine batch of capsicum annum. The company's website report that "This is no bird-of-paradise-flower-situation, these spicy red numbers are unmistakably penile from head to the shaft. Except for the little green bit on the stem, obvs. If you actually have one of those on your knob, please see a doctor, you may be at risk of being diagnosed as a plant.".

These chili peppers have the most distinctive flavor. They are really pretty and quite hot to taste! Enjoy watering your chili pepper plants regularly throughout their growing period. Just don't be surprised when they actually grow into little penis-shaped chilies! Because that's what you're gonna get with Firebox's Willy Chilies. 





Going by the instructions, all one has to do to bring your willy chilies to life is open the cube and pour a little water on the pre-planted seeds. Pop it in a bright, warm place and keep watering every so often to keep them moist.

In 12-18 days, you’ll be seeing a red phallic-shaped chilly rising out of the soil. Amazing! In a few weeks, you could be slicing your very own scarlet bellend into a sexy stir fry! Also, the box on arrival comes with a little pack of gummies. How cool is that!?




Firebox also announced that "When you’re ready to report your plants into something more fitting (coming soon: the Firebox terracotta vagina), the magical eco-friendly cube will slowly decompose and turn into valuable coconut fiber fertilizer for the plant, enriched with all sorts of stuff that makes chilies fully erect big and handsome. Now all you need is a pair of ginger balls to go with them for a culinary genital match made in Heaven." 






Well, now upon hearing all this, you're either extremely intrigued and can't wait to get a first-hand sight and taste, or you're pretty grossed out by this. Either way, you might wanna consider checking this out just for the unique design and functioning of the planter it comes with. No doubt the phallic-shaped would turn several people away, especially considering that it's a food product we are talking about here, but those who find this creative is going to have a lot of fun experimenting with them. 






They are available for purchase (pre-order) on the company's official website and on Amazon too! Unfortunately, as of now, only EU citizens have access to pre-order and receive these wonder-penis seeds. But don't be too disheartened, they are planning on expanding their reach to more countries, including the US soon enough. This is definitely something to purchase just for the sheer uniqueness behind the product. How often do we hear about such wild and innovative goods? And it's food at the end of the day, you're supposed to eat the chilis! 

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