Father-Son Duo Kills Hibernating Nursing Bear And Her Cubs, Try To Cunningly Cover Their Tracks

Father-Son Duo Kills Hibernating Nursing Bear And Her Cubs, Try To Cunningly Cover Their Tracks

This father-son duo took their one-on-one adventure a little too far when they ended up killing a family of black bears.

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Spending quality father-son time is something every dad looks forwards to and they do their best to make it as memorable as possible. While many indulge in sports others embark on exciting adventures like camping. Unfortunately, one father-son duo took their one-on-one adventure a little too far when they ended up killing a family of black bears. 41-year-old Andrew Renner was recently sentenced to three months in prison for killing a mother bear and her two cubs during his hunting spree in Alaska alongside his 18-year-old son Owen Renner. The gutwrenching incident unfolded on 14 April 2018 and saw the teenager receiving a 30-day suspension for being involved in the act with his father.

Image Source: Getty Images (Representative)

According to Daily Mail, the duo approached the bear's den, located on Esther Island in Prince William Sound in the Gulf of Alaska, and Owen fired at least two shots killing the hibernating mother and causing the cubs to shriek. The footage shows the father quickly pointing the gun towards the cubs after learning about their presence and firing fatal shots a few minutes later. But what the two didn't know was the fact that their brutal actions were being filmed on a research tape. The motion-activated camera that caught the two men in action was set up right outside the den for a study by the US Forest Service and Alaska Department of Fish and Game and it filmed the entire attack.  


When they took a closer look at the bear they saw the mother bear sporting a Fish and Game collar on her neck and realized that she was being monitored by Alaka's wildlife officials. To cover their tracks, the two dragged the bear's carcass into the show outside the Dean, and in the second clip Owen is heard saying that collar was removed, adding, "they'll never be able to link it to us." After packing the remains of the battered mother brain in game bags, the skied away but returned two days later to retrieve the shell casings, the collar, and skied away along with the cub's bodies. 


Following this, the two were taken to trial where they pleaded guilty for multiple misdemeanor charges including unlawfully killing a bear, unlawful killing of the cubs, and transporting the dead bears away from the site to cover up their tracks. Renner was convicted on eight counts related to the illegal killing and transportation of the bears and was found guilty of falsifying the sealing certificates. In Alaska, it is illegal to poach bears, and two would have been convicted of their actions regardless of whether the bear was being tracked by official research purposes or not. 

When the crime occurred, Owen was just 17-years-old. Thus, his dad was also charged with one count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. "My office believes and argued for active jail time in this case because of the egregious nature of it, and the necessity of letting the public know Alaska will not tolerate poaching," shared assistant attorney general Aaron Peterson. He further noted that jail time is pretty rare in wildlife cases but insisted that it should be made mandatory in all wildlife or animal abuse cases.

Image Source: Getty Images (Representative)

Apart from the prison sentence of three months, Renner was also fined $9,000. He was made to forfeit his property, including a 22-foot Sea Sport ocean boat and trailer, a 2012 GMC Sierra pickup, two handguns, two rifles, two iPhones, and two sets of backcountry skis which were used in the crime. Renner's hunting license was suspended for the next 10 years. Meanwhile, his son Owen was convicted on four counts for killing and transporting the bears and received a sentence of 30 days of suspended jail time. After the completion of his, he was ordered to take a hunter safety course and perform community service. Even his license was revoked but just for two years and both were made to pay $1800 each in restitution.


According to KTLA, Renner brought the mother bear to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game in Palmer on April 30 and revealed that he had killed the bear and was convicted of falsifying the report by leaving his son out of the picture. He also failed to mention that he killed the animal illegally. Although the animals are not on top of the endangered list, they were being tracked by the wildlife officials in Alaska. Regardless of whether animals are endangered or not, hunting should definitely not be encouraged because the killing of animals for sport is one of the chief reasons why so many species have already ended up in the endangered list. Now, animals don't plan and hunt down humans for fun so it's only fair for humans to do the same. 

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