Father 'Snapped' And Killed 2-Year-Old Son With Brutal Punch While Potty Training

Father 'Snapped' And Killed 2-Year-Old Son With Brutal Punch While Potty Training

Apparently, the father lost his temper when he found the toddler smearing feces on the bathroom floor.

Image Source: Twitter/Mycah Hatfield

A 21-year-old father of a two-year-old boy from Texas is under arrest for causing serious bodily injury to his child, Antonio Devonte Hicks Jr. According to Daily Mail, Deputies from the Harris County Sheriff's Office arrested Antonio Hicks Sr, from Houston, after his son succumbed to his injuries at a local hospital. Authorities reported that Hicks took his unresponsive son to Houston Northwest Emergency Center for medical treatment on Sunday afternoon. The father gave a statement about the child's injuries, but authorities debunked the guilty father's statements as they reported that the child had multiple injuries, both recent and healing. 


Court documents state that Hicks initially lied to the police saying that his son sustained the injuries while they were out on a walk. He claimed a stranger attacked them, thus causing his son to die. Investigators say Hicks later admitted he struck the toddler in the chest "too hard" after he "snapped" during potty training, as per KHOU. The mother was at the house during the time of the unfortunate incident. She told deputies she heard multiple slaps that turned into harder punches from the other room. Initially, she heard him yelling at their son and smacking him, but soon, that turned into forceful punches.


When she went to see what was happening, she found the child non-responsive. The distraught mother then asked Hicks to call an ambulance while she performed CPR on the boy, according to Crime Online. According to court documents, Hicks Sr. revealed he “snapped” and punched his son in the chest after finding the toddler smearing feces on the bathroom floor. He allegedly also admitted to hitting the child “too hard.” Hicks Sr. remains jailed on a $250,000 bond. A Harris County District Attorney’s Office also revealed that he may face upgraded charges pending the results of the child's autopsy. 


Meanwhile, on Sunday night, people who were fond of the child, lovingly known as Baby K, gathered to light candles in his honor, reports ABC13. Balloons with the characters from the children's show "Paw Patrol" were brought as well since that was his favorite show. The little one's rather tragic death has left his family devastated and they are still trying to come to terms with it, but they want people to know that they loved him immensely. Kali Brown, the boy's uncle said that every child's life matters. "We mattered to people when we were kids, so every kid should have at least a chance at life," he said.


Charles Barry Krebs shared on Facebook: With so much violence and such a short temper, I don't think he should be allowed to live any longer, then he can't produce any more children to treat in that manner ever again, and as for the mother, if she couldn't be bothered to see what he was doing, and protect her child, then I think sterilization would be in order there, she doesn't appear to have a very strong mothering instinct, rant over. Sharon York added: His Karma will come in prison. Parents are supposed to protect their children. My heart hurts this poor child. God will take care of this child.


York continued: I SUSPECT HE'S BEEN IN A HOME WHERE HE WAS BEING ABUSED BEFORE THIS. Rest in Peace sweet baby. Your safe now in God's arms. This made me cry so hard. People in prison hate child abusers. His Hell has just started. Mary White also shared: Let see what karma comes his way in prison. The baby couldn't defend himself. We see how tough he is in jail. I agree the mothers need to be held accountable when leaving their baby/babies with unfit, mentally unstable people/daddies. It makes you angry to think, what pain that baby endure. I pray the LORD let him see his son's little face each and every day of his life.


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