Father's 'Disgusting' Method Of Disciplining Kids Leaves The Internet Divided

Father's 'Disgusting' Method Of Disciplining Kids Leaves The Internet Divided

While some agreed that he should not have used physical force to discipline his kid, many regarded the pain of the intense spanking as effective.

Image Source: Twitter/6th Kazekage

Parenting is undoubtedly a very challenging job as it requires immense patience and careful deliberations. The role that a parent/role model plays in the growing years of a chid's life is arguably the most important as this development phase ensures what kind of a person they would turn out to be when they are adults. That's why netizens were left shocked when someone uploaded a video of a man being the opposite of what a father should be like. The video, which was regarded as revolting by many, shows an angry father repeatedly spanking one of his kids, seemingly his son, for misbehaving. Then he turns towards his daughter, who is seated beside the boy, and says, "Sit your ass down," in a threatening tone. 



User @InkedRangei uploaded the video and wrote: “Sit your ass down!” I definitely remember these days. It was viewed over 2 million times before another user Orlando's shared the video on Twitter and asked others what they thought about the father's "disciplinary" methods. Judging by most of the reactions, it's safe to say that he wouldn't be receiving the "Father of the Year" award any time soon. That being said, there were quite a few people who completely agreed with the dad's decision. Sonia Granados replied to the Orlando's question and shared: Wrong. If you have to resort to hitting a child then you’ve lost control. It’s no longer a teachable moment. I’m okay with spanking but this was VERY hard and too many times. Another Thunderlicious shared: Yes, it’s wrong. Hitting solves nothing. It makes you fear the hell out of someone. That kind of fear isn’t parenting. Just because your parents did this to you, doesn’t make it right. There are better ways to communicate than putting hands on someone, especially a child.



Twitter user @Micah shared that she could in no way condone this behavior. That is far too much. Way way too much. Kids are learning and growing still. They’re not full adults who understand everything. This kind of hitting is abuse, she wrote adding, I’m not going to argue with people about abusing children. A stern spank here and there is one thing but this intensity is too much. And before y’all say “That happened to me and I’m fine” I don’t really believe you. But Mr. Swann found nothing wrong with this as he shared: It’s called discipline not abuse.



@UCFDadBod immediately hit back writing: Six slaps? I've got 3 kids and I'm not above spanking but a few ground rules.... 1) You don't need full grown man force to discipline a child. 2) Don't do that shit in public because not everybody agrees with it. That's a family matter. 3) Six is over the top. Soon, a full-blown debate broke out with some agreeing that it was a justified way of disciplining one's child and others explaining what everything after the first hit was pure anger. Maybe, and I do mean MAYBE the first hit could be justified to reinforce your words. But EVERYTHING after that wasn’t about the discipline for the sake of the child. It was about Dad’s anger. If you hitting a tiny human because you’re angry, you are wrong. In EVERY scenario, shared Isaac Moore. 


Another Twitter user, who agreed with the heartless ways of the dad in the video, shared his account but was immediately slammed after he wrote: When my child acts up in public I slap her right across the face. She wanna act silly she get slapped silly. That's how I was raised! @sertralineking immediately pointed out that this backward mentality was the whole problem that needs to be checked. He wrote: That’s how I was raised”, my grandparents could smoke in fucking grocery stores dude... like just because it’s been generational doesn’t mean it’s morally okay/ shouldn’t be changed... Another user QuiQuiQui noted how his daughter would grow up resenting him if he continues with this behavior, You're teaching her that its okay for men to beat her any time they disagree with her behavior. Also, she may hate you when she older for beating and humiliating her. Ask me how I know.


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