Dad Of Missing 18-Month Hawaiin Toddler Confesses To Beating Her To Death, Says Report

Dad Of Missing 18-Month Hawaiin Toddler Confesses To Beating Her To Death, Says Report

Court documents suggest, Travis had allegedly taken a lot of effort to hide gruesome details of Kytana's final days that led to her demise.

Image Source: Honolulu Police Department

Cover Image Source: Honolulu Police Department

Trigger Warning: This story contains distressing details of child abuse and death that readers may find disturbing. 

A toddler from Hawaii, who was reported missing earlier this month, may have suffered a horrific death at the hands of her own father. It is alleged that the father of 18-month-old Kytana Ancog has recently confessed to beating the poor child to death, according to PEOPLE. Newly released court documents suggest that her father had allegedly taken a lot of effort to keep the gruesome details of her final days leading to her demise from the world, per Hawaii News Now. That being said, authorities have not yet found her body.




Kytana was last seen on January 31 when her mom drove her to Travis Rodrigues, her father's Aiea home. Providing a troubling statement, one witness told the cops that on or around February 4, they saw Travis physically abuse the child. They alleged that he slapped, kicked, and swore at his toddler and that the impact of his physical attack had left the child bruised and bloodied. When confronted about this, Travis allegedly told the witness that the blood was actually chocolate and that she got the bruises after falling in the shower. The witness also claimed that the 40-year-old tried to give his daughter a meth pipe.




The same person revealed that when they returned to Travis' home the following day, they were shocked to see Kytana "dangling as if lifeless." Meanwhile, her father "was smoking methamphetamine and looked high." When police called the man in for questioning, Travis allegedly admitted to heartlessly beating and squeezing the helpless child until she passed out. Even at the point he believed she had died, her father did not call the police but instead wrapped her body in a bedsheet, stuffed it in a duffle bag, and disposed of it with the help of an acquaintance, allegedly. Travis' "acquaintance" was later identified as 48-year-old Scott M Carter, who has now been charged with first-degree hindering prosecution.



Travis remained at his home while Carter drove off. Before leaving, he allegedly asked Travis not to worry about the body. "Don’t worry about it, I’ll take care of it," recalled the father. On February 13, Travis was arrested and charged with second-degree murder in connection with Kytana's disappearance. Both Carter and Travis remain behind bars on bail of $1 million and $2 million respectively. Describing the case as "horrible", Attorney Randall Rosenberg said, "I’ve seen a lot of abuse cases and I’ve been involved in a lot of abuse cases, some that led to death. The facts of this case based on what we know so far are right up there." He added, "I’m a good liberal Democrat but it makes you wonder why we don’t have a death penalty." 





Following the release of the documents, Kytana's loving family was understandably left shocked and heartbroken. According to KITV, they released a statement on Tuesday, just hours after the information of Kytana's case was made public. "At this time our family would like to say thank you for all your prayers and words of encouragement that have been extended to us in this very trying and heartbreaking time.  We are devastated to hear the details of what happened to Kytana on February 4th," expressed her distressed family. They also urged people with any information regarding the girl's body to come forward. "If anyone knows where Kytana is, please come forward so we can bring her home and lay our sweet baby girl to rest," it continued. 

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