Farmer Cruelly Ties And Paints Monkey Red For Stealing Fruit As Punishment, Sparks Outrage

Farmer Cruelly Ties And Paints Monkey Red For Stealing Fruit As Punishment, Sparks Outrage

All the primate did was pluck a few durians from the unnamed farmer's garden. The farmer punished him by restraining and spraying red paint all over him.

Despite constant pleas made by animal lovers, reports about the cruelty against animals seem to be never-ending. However, there has been an increase in reportage about the prevailing injustices committed against these innocent and voiceless animals. As a result, more people become aware, which in turn helps people mobilize resources and take the necessary action to end the more often than not horrific abuses meted out to these poor creatures.  And thanks to the power of social media, nothing can be hidden from the world anymore. Recently, a barbaric farmer who tied down a monkey and sprayed red paint all over it became the subject of criticism.



According to a report by the Daily Mail, a video revealed how brutally an enraged man treated a monkey after it was caught stealing expensive durians. The incident took place in the garden of the unnamed man, situated in the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In the heartwrenching footage, the primate is seen retrained to the ground while his natural fur is stained with a bright red color. The innocent creature is seen looking completely lost as the bitter farmer unleashes his wrath by scolding the monkey relentlessly.



It's only natural for a creature living in the wild to hunt food for its sustenance. How can someone scold and punish a being for following its natural instincts is beyond comprehension! It's painful to see the monkey's limbs stretched out and tied down using durians as weights. As the footage proceeds, a man is heard cursing the primate in the background. Speaking in his local dialect, the tyrant commands the monkey to never return to this place.



"I'm letting you go now, tell your friends don't come back here to eat, do you understand? Don't come here to eat, you wanna steal please go far away," said the man in the clip. His cruel actions did not sit well with the local residents of the area. Thankfully, a kind bunch of people stood against this torturous behavior and were genuinely concerned about the monkey's health. As per reports, the group was not sure if the spray paint had any adverse effect on the monkey. In addition, no one was certain whether the man ultimately freed the monkey or if it succumbed to the torture. 



One of the residents named, Abe Sheh said, "These fruits are nature's gift from everybody to enjoy. There is no need to torture animals because of this. Why does somebody have to be so greedy?" Mohd Wan swore, "Karma will come back around and hurt this guy. You may stop this monkey from eating your plants, but the other animals still can, or your tree could be knocked down in storm."  Faisal Manjoi added, "Poor monkey. I feel so sorry for him. They look so scared." Another person chimed in, "I hope it recovers from the cruel punishment. It was not to know it was doing anything wrong. It was just following its instincts to gather food."



On social media, people could not hold back their rage. Amidst numerous comments, most people opined that the "farmer burns in hell" for his actions or at least be dumped in the sewage. @RealSonchild196 wrote: People so cruel. How dare they spray potential chemicals on the animal. @marisaatlondon4 added: Bad farmer, he should be also be painted for abusing the animals as humans took the habitat from animals living in the forest...



@Dan_Fitt expressed: Absolute scum! It’s a wild animal doing what nature has intended it to do. Humans are encroaching one habitat after another. Get Educated! @APACHE11111 wrote: He should of just shot it instead. WMunro_SCO musedDid it work? I wonder if he thinks it appropriate that his punish is just a equal in treatment, might b fitting 2 start using a colour coding system 4 certain crimes.


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