Mother, Father, And Teenage Son Have Been Tragically Diagnosed With Different Types Of Cancer

Mother, Father, And Teenage Son Have Been Tragically Diagnosed With Different Types Of Cancer

While Kathy Desclefs was diagnosed in 2014, her husband Benoit and son Luke learned of their condition this year.

A Florida family of three is dealing with one of the most difficult phases in their life after all of them were diagnosed with three different types of cancer. It's hard enough when one family member has to fight a deadly cancer battle, but for Benoit Desclefs, his wife, Kathy Desclefs, and their 17-year-old son Luke, it's an unimaginable reality. "Oh, it's hard to process," said Kathy who was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma five years ago. Understandably, their happy lives were flipped upside after this devastating revelation. 

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The recent few months brought along with it one bad news after the other. To the Desclefs' dismay, doctors found an inoperable tumor on Benoit's brain in August.  By October, their son Luke was also told that he, too, had cancer. After discovering an odd lump on his neck, Luke decided to get it checked out. That's when he learned that he had Hodgkin’s lymphoma. "I found a lump on my neck and I thought it was weird, and I told my mom," the Bishop Snyder High School senior told News4JAX, adding that he did not show any typical signs of having that specific cancer. 


Speaking about the harsh reality that her family has been going through since their diagnosis, Kathy explained how her condition was the most uncertain of them all due to her cancer's rare form. "With Benoit, they’ve said roughly 12 years," she explained. "With Luke, he has a very good prognosis if he responds to treatment and we’ll know how well he responds next week when they do a PET [positron emission tomography] scan. For me, it’s hard to say, because the variant I have is so rare they don’t have a lot of data on that."

With the whole family undergoing treatment, the Desclefs' finances are slowly running out, as most of their income came from the family-run restaurant. A French chef by profession, Benoit moved to Jacksonville, Florida, to realize his dreams of opening up an eatery, reports CNN. Unfortunately, they are now forced to close their business; The Magnificat Cafe is now up for sale due to their declining health conditions. Without the restaurant, they don't have a source of income, and in order to tackle this crisis and continue their treatment, a  fundraiser has been created to support them. 



The fundraising page notes how "both Kathy’s and Benoit’s are rare and non-curable" while Luke's  "most recent treatment as of yesterday left him to ICU due to fever and low blood pressure." Urging people to help them tackle the terrible ordeal they are going through right now, the page reads: "One family member having cancer is very stressful, two is crazy hard and three is unimaginable. As small business owners, both Kathy and Benoit work at the business. However, Benoit is not able to, but Kathy has had to go back to work so that they can manage their expenses a little bit. They are having to pay another worker to help out. And they are down to one working vehicle. So you can guess that finances are a very real struggle."



It continued, "Please as you consider 'adopting a family' for the holidays, please help this amazing family during this crisis. They are warm, generous, and joyful people. But they are faced with a challenge they can't do alone. Any amount no matter how small is so appreciated."

As of Monday, the page has raised over $47,000 of its goal of $157,269.  Despite this terrible fate, the three of them are trying to keep a positive mindset and rely on their faith to help them through it. "We are set up for God to show up because it’s so over the top," said Kathy. 

If you wish to help the Desclefs Family, do so by clicking here.

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