Grieving Family Forced To Carry Relative's Corpse To Insurance Office To Prove He Really Died

Grieving Family Forced To Carry Relative's Corpse To Insurance Office To Prove He Really Died

In a heartwrenching video that has now created a huge uproar, two family members are seen dragging their deceased uncle's body into the insurance office situated in KwaZulu-Natal province, South Africa.

A South African insurance company received severe backlash for forcing a family to bring in the dead corpse of their relative in order to receive their payout.

In a heartwrenching video that has now gone viral on Twitter, Ntombenhle Mhlongo and Thandaza Mtshali are seen dragging their deceased uncle, Sifiso's body into one of Old Mutual's branches situated in KwaZulu-Natal province, South Africa. Despite providing the required paperwork indicating the death of their loved one, the company had delayed their claim of $2,200, by nine days, alleged Mhlongo, according to Daily Mail



Day after day, the family's pleas were overlooked. They were simply informed that the delay was a result of some problems pertaining to the paperwork. Until the money came in, they couldn't perform important tribal rites for their family member, who died at the age of 46. Exasperated by the company's continuous excuses, the family decided to take matters into their own hands. "We are not rich people. We are poor and they were refusing to pay us. We are still so heartbroken," Ntombenhle told News 24, a local media. 



"We kept going back but they kept stonewalling and we were angry, frustrated and just wanted to make sure we could properly prepare and bury him. We thought if the documents do not give them enough answers then maybe the body will," she added.

Surely enough it worked and the footage of the entire event which unfolded this week began circulating on Tuesday. Horrified witnesses reported how they saw the women place the corpse on the floor they had transported from the morgue. Following this, they handed the paperwork for the man's life insurance claim along with his death certificate and ID, reports local media. 



Onlooker further explained how the duo was not ready to leave the office until they were paid in full for the death claim. After a frantic discussion amongst the insurance company's management and the head office, they quickly agreed to honor the insurance claim as soon as the dead body was removed.

"As soon as the ladies were promised they would be paid they marched back inside the office and in front of the counter grabbed an end each and carried the corpse back out," said the witness. "Two men went to their aid and helped them maneuver the body bag into the boot of the car that they brought the body in and people were just watching open-mouthed as all this was played out."



Explaining why the women had to resort to this means, the witness continued, "The women said a loved one was inside the body bag and that bringing him to the Old Mutual office seemed to be the only way to prove their claim to them that he had actually passed away."

In response to the viral video and several condemning comments, Old Mutual posted a tweet apologizing to the family for causing them "distress". They went on to insist that 99% of such claims for funeral expenses are paid out with 8 hours of receiving the request. Furthermore, they stated how every claim was evaluated individually and that the incident that unfolded at the branch was "isolated and regrettable" which they promised to investigate to "learn lessons."



National Funeral Practitioners Association of SA's spokesman, Muzi Hlengwa, declared that this matter was not over and that the organization would consider taking legal action against Old Mutual.

"When the body was taken from the mortuary to the Old Mutual it was out of anger so the rituals that were supposed to be done to move the body from one place to another were not done," said Hlengwa. "The soul of that man is still left at the Old Mutual so they will have to cover the costs of performing these rituals."


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