10-Year-Old Girl Dies After Contracting Rare Brain-Eating Amoeba While Swimming In Texas River

10-Year-Old Girl Dies After Contracting Rare Brain-Eating Amoeba While Swimming In Texas River

The 10-year-old girl initially complained of a headache. After that, she developed a fever, but it was suspected she had come down with a common viral illness.

The 10-year-old girl who was on life support after contracting a brain-eating amoeba when she went swimming in a river in Texas has died, confirms her family, according to Fox News. Lily Mae Avant, who was flown to Cook Children’s Health Care System in Fort Worth after being rushed to her local emergency room, initially complained of a headache on September 8. There's now a Facebook Page named #Lilystrong, according to which she developed a fever after complaining of the headache,  but it was suspected she had come down with a common viral illness.


Wendy Scott, Lily's cousin took to Facebook to give an initial update: Went back to the ER this morning because she woke up and was unresponsive. From there, they ended up care-flighting her to Cook Children's Medical Center Pediatric ICU. We’ve now learned after a spinal tap and CT scan she has bacterial meningitis and it's aggressing quickly. Her brain is swelling and the outlook isn't good. She's currently having an MRI. Please pray guys!


Wendy has since been actively giving out updates to everyone who wanted to know about Lily's condition. The next day she wrote: They put her on cooling pads trying to lower the brain swelling which has caused her heart rate to drop several times throughout the night but it was to be expected. She is now hooked up to the EEG to monitor for any seizure activity. However, things seemed to be going downhill. 


Lacy Avant also shared updates on the group. She wrote: Lily's MRI results showed she has a slight increase in the brain swelling. They are doing neuro checks every hour and monitoring her very closely. She gets very agitated when they brush her teeth or mess with her and her vitals go up which is letting them know that she has an attitude and is telling them she doesn't like it. They stopped her vent momentarily and she was breathing over the vent. Our Lily Mae is still in there! They are going to keep her sedated and comfortable as possible to give her brain time to rest so the swelling will go down.


Five days later, there was another update, Today marks day 5 since our Lily began showing symptoms of Primary Amoebic Meningoencephalitis.  This is significant because life is typically lost just 3-5 days after symptoms show. Lily will also be the 5th survivor of this debilitating infection! The number 5 was also Kyle’s (from the Kyle Lewis Amoeba Awareness foundation) baseball number. The family continued to use this number when making certain decisions going forward. One was that they would have the Antibiotic medication (Miltefosine) at 5 hospitals in the US. Lily just happened to be admitted to one of those hospitals and was given that medication just in time. It seemed like she was improving. 


However, her brain started to swell, and soon enough there was another update from Wendy: Our beautiful girl is completely healed and in the arms of Jesus. Lily changed lives. Lily saved lives (in the physical and spiritual sense). She brought unity to a divided nation. Which, is just like her! She loved everyone she came in contact with, and we see you all felt that, via news reports or social media. She taught us so much more in her ten years than we ever taught her. 


Disclaimer : This is based on sources and we have been unable to verify this information independently.

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