White Woman Accuses Black Family Of Stealing Their Own Car, Then Mob Of White People Attack Them

White Woman Accuses Black Family Of Stealing Their Own Car, Then Mob Of White People Attack Them

The shocking incident unfolded in the parking lot of a Walmart near Spokane Valley, Washington.

Image Source: Twitter/@LodieDodie

A shocking video shows a mob of white people blocking and charging at a car that has a Black family inside. The appalling incident, which unfolded in Spokane, Washington, quickly went viral after the driver, Lee Allen posted the video of this senseless assault on social media. At the beginning of the clip, a white woman can be seen blocking the path of a car parked in a Walmart. Allen, who was preparing to leave the parking lot along with his two children, is left shocked as the woman repeatedly claims that the vehicle belongs to her. 


Soon, bystanders could be seen gathering around them as Allen's daughter continued filming the horrific incident. The concerned father tried to escape the situation by driving around the white woman but is prevented from doing so by another pedestrian who stood in the way in a sinister manner with his hand inside his jacket's front pocket. Fearful of their safety, Allen's son, Max, immediately contacts 911 as more people continued gathering around. A man identified as Lawton Miller attempted to open the door when Allen slammed the car door on his arm. Speaking about the incident, Miller said, "She said, 'He's trying to steal my car!' So I got out, walked over there and opened the door. I said 'hey, this lady said you're stealing her car.'"


Allen had no intention of hurting the man but he did what he had to protect his kids. "I knew I was going to keep my kids protected no matter what. If all else fails, I could just step on that gas pedal and shoot out like a rocket somewhere, but at the same time I didn't want to hurt anybody," he told KHQ. An enraged Miller could then be seen screaming profanities and demanding them to leave the vehicle. Following this, the crowd began banging the window of the car, and one even threw their bike at the car terrifying Allen's daughter who begins crying. 


In an attempt to protect his kids, Allen tried to pull away from the car but one man jumps on the hood of the vehicle and refused to get off. As the car begins pulling away slowly Miller jumps on his bike and begins chasing them while being dangerously close to the back of their car as Allen's terrified daughter continues to cry. Thankfully, the issue was resolved without anyone getting hurt. The Spokane County Sheriff's Office revealed that the vehicle did not belong to the woman who confidently claimed it was hers. 


Explaining his actions, Miller told the local news outlet that he was planning on backing off and let the family leave, but decided to intervene when he saw a kid jump on the hood of the car. "This kid jumps on the car. What do I do now? I've got to get this kid off the car," said Millier. "I don't know if this guy knows it who's driving this car, (but) if this kid falls off and he runs over and kills that kid, he's going to prison for murder. He's no good to his family anymore."  


He explained how he blasted his horns and used his lights to signal Allen to pull over and let the man on the hood get off. "I don't harm kids," said Miller noting that his intentions weren't to scare off Allen and his family because he had grandchildren himself. "I raised a daughter. I am a family man. I'm not no big bad biker. I'm grandpa with a bike, and I've got pictures with me and my grandsons on the bike." Miller revealed that he had been receiving threats online following the release of the video and is worried about his family. Addressing Allen and his family, he apologized and said. "I've got to stay away from my family all together because I'm afraid somebody else might take it in their own hands and do something to my family. This video comes out and she says 'dad I love you but I don't want to know you now.'" 



Spokane County Sheriff's Office deputies revealed that they don't expect Miller to be charged with anything that related to the devastating event.  However, they are on the lookout for the male who threw his bike at Allen's vehicle. Anybody with information is urged to call Crime Check at 509-456-2233. 

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