Some People Created A Facebook Page Solely To Humiliate Lady Gaga During Her College Days. Who's Laughing Now?

Some People Created A Facebook Page Solely To Humiliate Lady Gaga During Her College Days. Who's Laughing Now?

The page, titled 'Stefani Germanotta, you will never be famous' was created by 12 people who regularly bulled Gaga. She has often spoken about bullying in since her high school days but she said the experience has helped her hone her craft.

The year 2018 was historic for singer and actor, Lady Gaga.  She starred in the movie A Star Is Born and blew everyone away with her performance. After five studio albums and numerous chart-topping hits, it was established that Gaga is a singer of eminence. However, when she acted in her first movie, people got a taste of her acting prowess. We should not even begin talking about the songs in this musical. Pages after pages would have to be written about how good the songs were. It is of little wonder that the movie was nominated for an Oscar in several categories as well as for the best actress for Gaga. Although she did not win the Oscars, the soundtrack, Shallow, which she co-wrote and sang was awarded the best original song at the ceremony. During her speech, a teary-eyed and emotional Gaga spoke about how hard she worked for her dream and how it's about never giving up even though you are pushed back. This speech gave us a sneak peek into what it took for Gaga to come to this stage. Years of bullying in high school that went on even during her college days at New York University did not stop Gaga from chasing her dream. It has also come to light that during her time at college a group of around 12 people had created a Facebook page with the sole aim of humiliating and embarrassing Gaga. 


We hope those 12 people and whoever bullied Gaga have been following her career graph and are burning in envy in some part of the world, feeling sorry about their own lives. The page called 'Stefani Germanotta, you will never be famous' named after Gaga's real name was discovered a few years. It came into the limelight once again with Gaga had a historic run as an artist and actor last year and of course her Oscar win and performance this year. 


One of Gaga's classmates during her NYU days named Lauren Bohn wrote an op-ed in the Public Radio International in 2016 where she spoke about the page and her experiences with Gaga. The page has as its profile photo, a young Gaga. This was the time when Gaga was singing at local bars and trying to make a name for herself in the local circuit. Bohn wrote, "The group was peppered with comments that made fun of the singer and vilified her for being an "attention-w****." Scores asked, "Who does she think she is?"


She further wrote, "There was also one person who posted a flyer for one of Gaga's upcoming gigs at a local village bar. He had clearly stomped on the flyer, an outline of his muddy sole [soul] struggling to eclipse her name. I couldn't shake the raw feeling of filth while scrolling down that Facebook page, but I pretty much — and quickly — forgot about that group and that girl with the intense raven eyes. Until about five years later. I was on an Amtrak train from NYC to Philly, reading a Vanessa Grigoriadis New York Magazine profile on Lady Gaga."


Bohn added, "I floated somewhat mindlessly through the piece until I got to the first sentence of the second paragraph: Before the meeting, I assumed that someone with a stage name like “Lady” (her given name is Stefani Joanne Germanotta) was going to be a bit standoffish..." Bohn continued and said she got the shock of her life when she remembered a classmate with that name. She wrote, "HOLY S---, I screamed to an empty car (Those who hang with me will know that I actually shrieked). LADY GAGA IS STEFANI GERMANOTTA? STEFANI IS LADY GAGA?"

She further said that she felt ashamed at her discovery.  She wrote that she felt, "Shame that I never wrote on that group, shame that I never defended the girl with the intense raven eyes — the girl whose brave flyers were stomped on, probably somewhere near my dorm." Bohn congratulated Gaga and wrote, " Stefani, thank you. Thank you for always thinking you're a superstar, for using your cracks to let the light come out more brightly." 


Gaga has been very vocal about her many episodes of bullying. One time she had even been picked up and thrown into a rubbish bin by her so-called ‘friends according to news.uk.yahoo. Gaga has said that the bullying she experienced in her youth helped her hone her craft. “What I had to do was go back further into my childhood and into my high school years. When I was bullied and made fun of for having big dreams,” she said in an interview.


In 2011, she also spoke at the Google headquarters during a live interview about how she’d always been considered ‘a loser’ by her peers growing up. “Bullying really stays with you your whole life. And it really, really never goes away. And I know you’re using words like ‘superstar’ and ‘most-Googled’ and ‘billions of YouTube [views].’ But I was never the winner. I was always the loser. And that still stays with me. And do I want to stick it to anybody? No. I just wanna make music,” she said then.

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