Kristen Bell Has Been Helping Teachers Across The World Get School Supplies For Their Classrooms

Kristen Bell Has Been Helping Teachers Across The World Get School Supplies For Their Classrooms

Kristen Bell and her #FeaturedTeacherFriday have been a hit. Her followers ensure that teachers in need get the necessary school supplies.

Celebrities have fame and money and it's heartwarming to see them put it to good use. Kristen Bell, who's got more than 12 million followers on Instagram, has put her celebrity status to good use. For the last six months,  she's been involved in an Instagram project called #FeatureTeacherFriday. Every week, she posts a story of what teachers require and asks her followers to help them out reports Good News Network.



In May, an elementary school teacher from Belmont, North Carolina was overwhelmed with the number of packages she received after being featured on Bell’s Instagram. "I’ve received over a couple hundred items so far, and they are still trickling in every day,” Riggs told WCNC. "I even got a gift from the UK and Zimbabwe!" Recently, Bell featured a first-grade teacher from Flint, Michigan, named Emily Mayberry.



Within a week of appearing on Bell’s social media page, she got gifts, packages, and supplies from her Amazon wishlist. "The generosity of others is overwhelming," wrote the school on Facebook. "Gratitude is the quality of feeling and experiencing thankfulness and appreciation. We are beyond thankful and appreciative to Kristen Bell and her #FeaturedTeacherFriday for their outpouring of love, support and dedication by enriching and changing the lives of our students through their generous donations.”



That's not all, you can nominate yourself if you're a teacher yourself or happen to know a teacher to be featured on Bell’s Instagram. Simply write an e-mail to [email protected] A lot of people took to social media to comment on the post, sharing how much they appreciate the actor for doing this. Debbie McDermott wrote: "Kristen I love you,  thanks for being a fun example of love in the world." BJ Ward added: "I really like Kristen Bell ... this makes me like her even more."


However, there were people who had suggestions, too. Cecelia Bockenstedt added: "I'm going to write to Kristen Bell to tell her about the dire need for teacher education in the area of teaching reading. There's been so much research and though teaching programs are beginning to integrate the research in their education of teachers around reading, teachers in schools right now are operating at a severe deficit of broad knowledge of language-based teaching of reading. Dollars donated in this direction will break the school-to-prison pipeline ... many many of our prisoners and substance addicts in the world are dyslexic. (As are many of the world's visionaries and cultural movers and shakers.)"


Tricia Baggott Torres shared a story about inspirational teachers and the work they put in.  "My kids have had some of the most AMAZING teachers!!! I'm so grateful for their kindness. My son had a teacher who brought me homemade chicken soup when I was sick. My daughter had a preschool teacher who picked her up every other day, in crummy Wisconsin weather, when I was going through chemo. And countless teachers who helped out when I couldn't be there, took video to send to me when I missed school events, etc. It takes a village! I tear up just thinking about it."


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